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Were you looking for the original version of the character that Samtendo09 made?
Meta-Form (ZAXALT)
Full Name RCNC Robot #001 "Meta-Form"
Current Age Ageless (programmed to be 16 years old)
Date of Birth March 8
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Gender Male
Location Puralaxy
Current Status Alive
Class Infiltrator
Main Weapon(s) Depends on form
Element(s) Depends on form
Ability/ies Transforming
Good social skills
Vulnerable To Depends on form
Family and Relations
Cubey (sidekick), RCNC (Creator)
Meta-Form, sometimes going by the alias of Metaf, is a multi-task robot with the unique ability to transform into various shapes, and works as a triple agent; being a pizza delivery man, a stealthy spy, and a member of a bunch of crime fighters. Along with best pal Cubey, the two roam the Puralaxy and combine their efforts in all three jobs to be the best at those careers.

Physical Description

Meta-Form retains his original design, but when it comes to his pizza delivery job; he wears a formal business suit and a cap representing Pizza Hut, the business he works in.




Meta-Form's main ability is transformation, and he uses it to disguise himself, or to give himself different powers to overcome his enemies' resistances. He's strong, but not too strong, just strong enough to bash down enemies in a blow. In his natural form, Meta-Form can't climb or fly at any rate, but can solve these issues via transforming, or by equipping special equipment specifically designed for him. He isn't the best combatant though, and can sometimes either get carried away with his powers or mess up, which often happens when he syncs with others.

Meta-Form has as many weaknesses as he does forms, but he's usually good with resisting them, so he has a larger advantage at defense than offense. His primary weakness lies in his core, which is present in every form he takes. The core is his power supply, so if it's hit, he buzzes out and takes excessive amounts of damage. While he can recover and reboot after some damage, if the damage becomes extreme, he shuts down, considered "dead".

He has six primary transformations, known to be his "Prime Forms". He can form into a monkey to go at fast and alarming speeds, a shark to swim through otherwise impassable fluids, an eagle to soar the skies, a snake to slither across terrain quick, a human to disguise himself, and a dragon to engage in combat. Meta-Form does not change his mass with any of these forms, but his core pops up in a new location each time.

While he has a wide arsenal of different abilities, he has some limits, his body does not regenerate limbs, so if something falls off, he needs it repaired. This is easier said than done, the materials Meta-Form is made out of are rare, and must be carefully molded into their proper shapes. Alternatively, one can try to reattach fallen parts to Meta-Form, but it's still not an easy task, and the part becomes useless within a few hours.


Meta-Form acts rather neutral on everything, he doesn't exactly have morals so he doesn't think much of what's good and what's not. The world tends to confuse him, he's not aware of what he should do outside of his coding, and as such he rather mechanically performs his tasks, although makes sure that what there is of his friends are safe and out of harm. He tends to scratch his head at things he doesn't know straight away, and is bad at detecting jokes or sarcasm. But he does have capability to feel emotions, though, although they're basic such as anger and sorrow.

Most of Meta-Form's actions are programmed, meaning that he doesn't intentionally do some of the things he does. He does his pizza delivery job from 6AM to 12PM, fights as part of a group from 2PM to 5PM, and works as a spy from 10PM to 3AM, and the schedule only changes when a major fault happens in one of his occupations. When Meta-Form's emotions are triggered, he can act out of his scheduled programming and do what he finds necessary to meet his objectives. Regardless of whether or not he succeeds, and as long as he's not heavily damaged, he will return to his schedule.

Out of schedule, Meta-Form is relaxed, chill, and always on the alert. He uses his free breaks to scan vocabulary, log people for future reference, and spend time with Cubey, such as playing sports. It isn't easy to upset Meta-Form though, especially when he can't catch onto sarcasm or indirect criticism, so he tends to take those kinds of actions as if they were other sentences. He can be taught to feel other emotions or to detect sarcasm, it's just hard work, and may require a bit of programming.


Meta-Form and Cubey are pretty much best pals, although Cubey behaves more like his sidekick. Cubey behaves like a type of bodyguard, alerting Meta-Form of dangers he can't see, while Meta-Form protects him with his body.

King Kube KiloBot

As one of the seven lords of Puralaxy, Meta-Form respects King Kube KiloBot very much, and bows when in his presence. Sometimes they can bicker, but they often have joyous times when around. They are a very powerful duo, and a powerful trio when Cubey is included.



  • The idea of Meta-Form being a master of disguise in his stealth missions refers to the Nintendo DS video game Wario: Master of Disguise.
    • This is meant to compliment Meta-Form's creator "Samtendo09"'s supposed love for the Wario franchise.
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