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These are quotes said by characters in this game.


  • "Lets get through that!" Accepting to stop Kube's devious plot
  • "Oh! Didn't saw that coming." Getting hit by Tornaboy


  • "I looked squarey, but that don't stop me from helping you out, Meta." Cubey's first time to help out Meta-Form
  • "Watch out!!" Detected a the first Mid-Boss, the Stickbot
  • "What kind of human allowed those rebels to roam around here?" Asking himself about who lets the Bad Bots to get in Nadian City

King Kube Bot

  • "Come and get me if you dared, shapeshifting-pesky-wimpy-cocky-silly-phony-dummy!" Intro
  • "Look, if I never cared of my troops, they would be in the garbage departement instant if they failed me before my plan right now!" Explaining how much he cared for his army.
  • "Hit 'em with hot sauce! Well not literal hot sauce, if you know what I'm talking about..." Ordering Firisk to attack the heroes.
  • "You arrogent rat! If I sees you sitting on my throne again, I will sit on you...right in there!" Scolding Meta-Form for sitting on his throne during cutscene before the final battle undergoes.
  • "Stelog...Wait until I got my metalic hands on you, you pitful, sinful backstabbing freak!!" Getting betrayed by Mister Stelog.

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