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Meta-Form (E-Verse)
EVERSE Meta-Form
Full Name Meta-Form
Current Age Ageless
Gender [Technically] Male
Species Robotic
Location Murkon
Current Status Alive
Class Scrapyard Guardian
First Appearance Hell Unbound: E-Verse Pt. 1
Series E-Verse
The town of Murkon in the E-Verse did not have a guardian built with it, so Meta-Form was copied and recreated by Elisin for that purpose. Meta-Form's alternate self is a grotesque, much larger variation of his original self with the goal to protect Murkon from all invaders, basically being the main reason why war is a rare occurrence in the E-Verse: he can crush groups of people within moments. He resides in the garbage belt around the main island, and can swim through it like he were a shark, being generally unsuspecting to most. He resides in the scrapyards with his army of miniature Cubeys, which help Meta-Form pin down opponents and obliterate them whenever he finds it necessary to do such.

Meta-Form tends to not really be aware of the E-Verse's events, purely concentrated on protecting Murkon from surrounding invaders. Those who wish to get into the area must pay a ridiculously large sum of cash or prove they're a citizen of Murkon to get in if they do not wish to battle this large robot. Even though he refuses to pay attention to the "worthless drama", he is not particularly fond of Elisin and wishes the way they ruled the E-Verse was much less violent in scope, but doesn't mind serving them and does their best to make sure their empire can't be destroyed. Despite having shown a malevolent nature at many points, he is generally friends with the heroes of the E-Verse.

Physical description

This Meta-Form is much larger than his normal counterpart, standing many feet/meters above usual height and having a really thick, heavy body as a result. Meta-Form looks really rusty and resembles a bunch of trash parts stuck up and glued together to resemble the original Metaf's shape. His face perhaps has the most changes, abandoning his friendly look in exchange for narrowed, yellow-glowing eyes and a wide mouth.


Meta-Form isn't really benevolent and is easy to anger, and really tough to manipulate or trick, making him into a really intimidating guardian. He usually tends to act a little sleepy and sidetracked at first, but will quickly raise to half height and a very serious tone if he notices that someone wants to pass into Murkon. Easily jumping to conclusions, that's almost always his assumption. He never talks down in a rude or condescending manner, usually acting pretty polite and even complimenting others' talents in battle if they have shown fierce amounts of talent in his eyes. He is usually very loyal and protective of the government's moves, but sometimes criticizes them if they do something that he's not fond of.


What Meta-Form lacks in personality he makes up for with a wide assortment of different moves and abilities. Kept from his first incarnation is his ability to morph his body into different shapes, able to transform into vehicles, giant weapons, animals, etc. He can't transform his body too quickly, but most of his transformations just take moments to do. With great concentration, Meta-Form can combine forms as well, able to take the swimming ability of a shark and combine it with the speed of a flying falcon. He is not able to do this for too long though, because constant shifting can damage his body from material grinding and falling off. Sometimes he'll have to take a break from the fighting and reconstruct his body with extra garbage.

With a great size, Meta-Form is hard to approach, and his potentially great speed and adjustable statistics make him really difficult to battle. Meta-Form has more than just his transformation ability too, and can use all sorts of weapons and abilities without much trouble, making it easy for him to adapt to most situations in combat. With his eyes, he can scan through walls and the garbage pits to find hiding opponents, able to crush them before they have a chance to get away. He is not invulnerable though, and has a power core on his back that really hurts if it's attacked hard. This opens up and charges when he's transforming so that he can use as much energy as possible to do form shifts. He often tries hard to defend his weak point.



Meta-Form always acknowledges Unten as a hero of sorts and allows him to get into Murkon without any further explanation. However, if Unten is taking somebody with him that Meta-Form either doesn't recognize or trust, he will engage combat with him, immediately assuming Unten to be a traitor until he's defeated, where he allows Unten and all "distrusted" passengers through.