During Gameplay

Mermaids are enemies that appear in the story mode in Super Smash Bros.: NES. They appear mostly in the Lagoon area, but also appear in smaller quantities in other water areas. They are not unlockable characters that you can play as in the game. They have four attacks:
Mermaid NES

Mermaid in Super Smash Bros.: NES

  1. Tail Whip- 5% damage
  2. Seaweed Whip- 3% damage
  3. Leap- They will drag you under water to the bottom of the screen. Unless A is pressed quickly enough times, you will go to far out of the screen and die.
  4. Claw- 5% damage

Mermaids are weak creatures, but they travel in groups which makes things much harder. If you are swimming in a mermaid infested area, they will swim at you ans attack, making it almost impossible to escape with high damage. Mermaids can also sit on beaches and attack you on land, but they never appear in areas far away from water.


The trophy is earned if the Lagoon area in story mode is beaten without dying. It can also be earned if it is collected in a story mode level. It is mostly found in water levels.

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