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Gender Male
Species Fishdog
Align Lawful Good
Current Status Trapped (eaten by Dorsal)
Class Creature
Element(s) Aqua, Neutrality
Ability/ies Shooting water, creating puddles to trip foes
Vulnerable To Plant/Flora themed attacks
Height 5 feet
Weight 150.4 lb
Family and Relations
Mora (wife) Inonedn (orphan) Mora’s children
Series Sekaiju Legends

Merlin is a character in Sekaiju Legends. He is Inonedn’s senior and his teacher. He has a wife named Mora .


Merlin, like all Fishdogs, has a sail that starts from his head and ends at his tail. He has long legs and long arms with opposable thumbs. He is light blue, he has a lighter blue sclera and a glowing white iris. He has small fins on the hips and elbows on his arms and legs to help him swim slightly better. He has a large fin on his tail, allowing him to swim quite fast.


Merlin cares a lot for his family and Inonedn; he will allow himself to die to protect one of them when they are in danger, as shown in the first episode. He is very caring for the other creatures as well like a good father.


Merlin is a excellent athlete with strong tail muscles and well adapted feet. He can switch between a bipedal stance and a quadrupedal one. He can easily tackle enemies. He can swim and run very fast. He has excellent hearing, which he uses to sense people in danger.


  • He initially seems to be the first character to be killed off, as he was eaten by Dorsal, but it was revealed he in fact survived, since Dorsal’s digestion takes very long, which is apparently to maximise the suffering of her victims.

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