The Meridians are a Kresthitan tribe, which was reformed as a criminal syndicate sometime after the unification of Kresthita and creation of the Kresthitan Empire. Branches of the Meridians exist in cities throughout Aereus, Marais and Aelai.


As a tribe, the Meridians prided themselves in their strategy and stealth, often choosing to wage guerrilla warfare against other tribes, concealing their identity to prevent retaliation until their victory in an all-out assault was guaranteed. They often forced defeated tribes to assimilate into their own, and as such structured their entire culture in a way that would encourage loyalty to the tribe, even from those who were forced to join. Many other tribes despised the Meridians, however, and considered their tactics immoral or underhanded.

Following the unification of Kresthita former Meridian members were still despised by those of other tribes who had been their enemies, further strengthening their loyalty towards each other. The Meridians regathered, and began to become involved in various criminal activities such as theft and smuggling (particularly of illegal drugs). Following the Fox Agents overthrowing of the Kresthitan government, the Meridians received an influx of new members who were unhappy with the change in leadership.

As the Kresthitan Empire spread across Aeo, the Meridians continued to establish their presence in new cities, creating new "families" in each city or province they came across. By having a power structure where power was weight equally amongst a large number of members, it became difficulty for law enforcers to completely wipe out an entire family at once.


Blood Trance

The Archoeian family of the Meridians appears in Blood Trance. They often recruit mages directly from the Scirevicis Academy (sometimes even those who are still studying at the school), causing them to be a much more magic-focused family than many others.

Strafe Series

Crown, a major character in the Strafe series (appearing as a minor NPC in Strafe: Heaven Born, and with a more major role in Strafe: Brother), is confirmed to be descended from the Meridians. The Meridians themselves, however, do not appear in the series (as no families are established in Noah, perhaps out of respect for the position of leadership Crown's bloodline holds in the city).

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