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Mephiles the Dark
Mephiles The Dark by Earthwind dk2
Mephiles in some kind of unknown pose.
Current Age Ageless
Gender Unknown; Presumed as Male
Species Dark Being
Location Scepter of Darkness (Sealed inside of)
Current Status single
Class Villain

Main Antagonist

Sonic, Shadow, Iblis, Silver, Blaze, Rouge,

Omega, Amy

Family and Relations
Iblis (other half of Solaris)
Main Weapon(s) All of Shadow's ablities; Dark Chaos Spear; Minions;
Ability/ies Chaos control, teleportation, minion projection
Vulnerable To Light, returning to the Scepter of Darkness
Voice Actor(s)
Dan Green (2006-present)
First Appearance Sonic the Hegehog (2006)
Latest Appearance Super Mario Silver Spurs: Dimensional Duos
Just as a flower comes from a seed, or a chicken comes from an egg, everything has an origin. You need to find the being originally responsible for this catastrophe.
Mephiles the Dark, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

Mephiles the Dark, or Mephiles for short, is a villain from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. His appearance is that of Shadow's but what he really is is of unknown origin, only that he is one of two results of a failed experiment. Mephiles took Shadow's form when the Scepter of Darkness was stolen by Rouge and broken, then an aura appaered out of it and absorbed "Shadow's Shadow", from then on Mephiles the Hedgehog was born, he looks just like him except for: He has Pale Blue stripes on his body not red, his eyes are Emerald Green not red, his voice is much deeper and his skin is a pale greyish green. Mephiles is the real Iblis trigger (not Sonic) To free Iblis, Princess Elise must cry. (the situation does not matter.) So, he snuck up behind both Sonic and Elise. Then he killed Sonic by taking his soul, by stabbing him with the power of darkness. Elise then weeped, causing her to free Iblis. Silver then finds out that Sonic is not the Iblis trigger, and helps to defeat Mephiles.


Multiversal Silver Spurs (series)

Mephiles appears in the first film the main antagonist. He kills Princess Fusee to throw the space-time continuum off balance, and it is he who brought the Dark Gaia out of Mobius's core in the first place. However, he is eventually defeated by Mario and his team of heroes.

It is unknown if he will return in Continuum Renegades, but the creators have stated that he will definitely play a major role in the series.

Sonic Battle 2 By DryKingBowser

Mephiles is Playable in Sonic Battle 2,Making his first playable apperances. He is the 5th strongest and the fastest Power charcter. His Special attck is Darkness Laser. A nod to the move he used on sonic in Sonic 06.


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