Mens Mea Mors
Mens Mea Mors
Mens Mea Mors' Appearance
Full Name Mens Mea Mors
Current Age 18
Gender Male
Species Human
Align Chaotic-Evil
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Able to Inflict Psychosis
Height N/A
Weight 0
Mens Mea Mors is an entity capable of inflicting an affliction known as Mental Death.


Mens Mea Mors appears as a black skull with yellow-ish teeth and red eyes. It has sharpened teeth and crooked nose-holes indicating blunt-force trauma or that's just how it was created. The creature has a large misty serpentine-body that appears to have pits in it. Its body is red in colouration and twists.


Mens Mea Mors doesn't appear to have a personality but is rather instinctive acting upon its need to survive. As a parasite it can be regarded as violent.


As mentioned before, Mens Mea Mors is able to inflict an affliction known as Mental Death, this is essentially and incredibly strong and unatural Psychosis in which Mens Mea Mors feeds off the thoughts of and emotions of its target while disabling their ability to connect with reality making them unable to assess their situation or seek help. Mens Mea Mors has no known way of being removed and changes size depending on its target.


  • Take a wild guess why I made this character