BowieQuest II!

Why is Fandro only requesting? Oh, well. Here comes Bowie's second quest up into adventure! Will this game outwit it's previous installment, or will Bowie dig up some trouble? Let's find out!

The Story

Ok, something really original here: The crew is celebrating Ashe's 5th birthday, and suddenly, Banana's hands Ashe a ROBOT. Woah. Banana's also kidnaps Robert and Jonathan, and takes all the candy. So, Bowie and friends gotta stop him! While it's not that original, the candy-stealing monkey makes up for it in humor. It's not that good, though. Sorry.

The Gameplay

Ok, kids! Let's look at the...GOOD GOD MAN. How good can you get?! 11/10? If so, you have surpassed it! The gameplay is perfect! Each teddy bear has it's own abilities, much like the Koopalings. The difference, though? EVERYTHING! It's just so...good! It's detailed! It's...just wow!

The Flaws

Only one flaw: Ashe's design. He seems likes a Unten, but's just me!

Final Thought

BowieQuest II is good! It's near flawless, but due to the story, and Ashe's design, it gets my Seal Of Approval!

Thanks for watching!
Untitled21 Scratch Kat

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