Koopalings Universe!

My first request for my first review system. Hopefully we'll get a good start on this thing. So, when Fandro made this, he seemed really intelligent. And he still is. But was I looking right? Or does Bowser need to fireball this thing? Let's find out!

The Story

I had hope for Fandro when he first joined. And I still do. So, I was hoping for a decent story. And to be is. A Nabbit named King Nabbit takes Bowser's Stone Of Power (don't think perverted about it.) and overthrew the Koopa King. He kicks the Koopalings out of the castle, and a few of them get kidnapped. Basic, but decent. It feels like it's original, but at the same time, it's not that original. It kinda reminds me of that Spongebob Movie plot.

The Gameplay

Fandro must've been determined when he made the gameplay. Each of the Koopalings have their own specail abilities, making up for some flaws later on. Anyway! From Larry's Fire Breath and Blue Tornado to Bowser Jr.'s Invisibility and Jr. Clown Car, it seems like a huge gameplay quirk, which makes the page so memorable in a way. There's only one problem: Why are most of the Koopalings unlockable? IDK, but it seems off to me. Other than that, I like it.

The Flaws

Like every game, Koopalings Universe has it's flaws. For one, the whole "Unlockable Koopalings" thing listed above. Two, THE AMMOUNT OF BOSSES. While the choices are really cool and each world has Airships and Mini-Castles, I was like, "Woahly buttcheeks." Finally, the only other flaw is: minigames. While having minigames is cool, I feel like they were rushed. BINGO would be cool, but I wouldn't wanna play, let's say, Fruity Vacation.

Final Though

Outwitting it's flaws, Koopalings Universe is a great game! I can't believe a game made by an early user could be so...good! Overall, it earns my first seal of approval!

Thanks for watching!
Untitled21 Scratch Kat

To tribute Stratch and Fandro!

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