Melvin is a recurring character in the Skip and Sqak Anime Series, made a return in Back In Action, and later one of the Main Villains of Rangers. He is a nerdy firefly who studies on the creatures with his mantis crew. He first appeared in the episode Creature Collectors as the Main Antagonist.


  • Creature Collectors: Melvin made his deput in this episode, where he meets his biggest fan Skip who wants to join his team. Melvin doesn't want a "immature, bubble barfing warthog" to join so he tries to make him change his mind by taking him to the creatures he kept in his lab, In hopes that the creatures will attack the frog. But instead the creatures attacked him instead. In the end, Melvin is overjoyed when Skip says he won't join because the lab has no bathroom.
  • He made cameos of many other episodes in the same class the gang are in.

Back In Action

Melvin made a return in this game, where he lets the player use his Creaturepedia to learn more about the Mutants possesed by the Ant Pod. He is later seen in the rocket flying to Xoon with the others after the credits.


Melvin became the leader of the new SSSSS Team, where they all plan to kill the SSFF and take over the universe as revenge for the first time they were humiliated by the gang.

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