Melty the Chocolate Chip
Melty the Chocolate Chip
Melty's regular artwork
Full Name Melty the Chocolate Chip
Current Age 2
Date of Birth Easter
Gender Female
Location Flavor Town
Liogugi,Princess Cotton-Candy,Starla Star, Philp Pencil
Family and Relations
Liogugi,Princess Cotton-Candy,Starla Star, Philp Pencil
Main Weapon(s) Chocolate
Ability/ies Chocolate Cookie Dash,Brownie Slush, Hot Cocoa Milk Splash
Cocoa Drop
First Appearance Super Liogugi Adventure 2012
Latest Appearance Super Liogugi Adventure 2012

Melty the Chocolate Chip is a character created Austin Greens appearing in Super Liogugi Adventure 2012. He is prince of the Chocolate Kingdom and hails from Flavour Town.


Melty is somewhat kind and generous, and many consider him to be cute. He is resilient and never seems to give up on defending his kind from Evil Gomi. He and Liogugi have bonded together greately and consider each other best friends. Despite the above, he cannot speak at all, only being limited to making a small noise.


  • Chocolate Cookie Dash - This ability lets Melty have a small burst of speed, which lets him quickly escape from any oncoming enemies.
  • Brownie Slush - Using this, Melty releases a blast of chocolate from his body at enemies, slowing them down temporarily.
  • Hot Cocoa Milk Splash - An upgraded version of Brownie Slush, this attack releases a hot splash of Chocolate Milk which douses the enemy, making it burn progressively.
  • Hershey Shield - A shield made from hardened chocolate which stops any enemies from getting through.


Super Liogugi Adventure 2012

Melty the Chocolate Chip first appears in this game controlled by the second player. Melty is one of the most easy characters to use and has somewhat good abilities which are more for whittling down the enemy slowly. Ingame, he fears Evil Gomi, but still goes on to fight his forces.


  • Liogugi
  • Princess Cotton-Candy
  • Starla Star
  • Phillip Pencil
  • Caramel