Melody Pianissima
Melody in Luigi's Mansion
Current Age 26
Date of Birth  ???
Gender Female
Species Ghost
First Appearance Luigi's Mansion
Latest Appearance Mario & Luigi RPG: Z
Melody Pianissima is the 6th portrait ghost in Luigi's Mansion. She lives in the Conservatory and is always playing the piano.

Game Appearances

Luigi's Mansion

Melody is a portrait ghost, she is located in the Conservatory and uses her music sheets to attack.

Mario & Luigi RPG: Z

Melody and all the other portrait ghosts are in this game, the want to help getrid of the Zombies because if they do they get a second chance at living.

Ghosts of the Gallery

Melody stars in a series all about the portrait ghosts, she is the sith character unlocked.


  • It is stated Melody died whe Bogmire slamed the Piano Lid shut on her head when she was getting rid of something that had jamed the keys.