Melody Signature
Official artwork.
Gender Female
Species Painting Sprite
First Appearance Painterly (2013)
Latest Appearance Painterly: Signature Edition (2015)
Melody is the sister of protagonist Forte in the Painterly series. She is a Painting Sprite, like her brother.


Melody has a short stature and is seen wearing only a dress, customary of all of Akaye's female painting sprites. She also has sandy blonde hair and pale skin. Melody doesn't show much personality in the first Painterly, acting as little more than one to be rescued.


Painterly and Painterly: Signature Edition

In Painterly, Melody is first shown working with Forte to lighten the dark work of artist Adam Morsai. However, the two painting sprites anger the disturbed artist and Melody is captured by Morsai's legions of monsters, after he adds himself into the worlds of the paintings.

At the end of the game, Melody is saved by Forte and they learn the truth behind Morsai and their own existence.



  • Forte and Melody both have musical names. A "melody" in music refers to a prominent and oftentimes reoccurring phrase of notes.
  • In her official art for Painterly, Melody has one half of the Morsai Tower painting on her dress. Her brother, Forte, has the other half on his shirt.
  • Melody's design includes the three chief colors of Painterly (blue, red, and yellow). Several Painterly characters also share these colors in common. These are also the primary colors of the color wheel, an artistic reference.

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