Melissa Dust




Current Age 20 (Misfits)
23 (Victory)
Date of Birth November 18, 1995
Gender Female
Species  ???
Current Status Alive
Class Misfit
Sexuality Bisexual
First Appearance Fantendo - Misfits
Melissa Dust is a character who has the ability to control dust-like particles, thus earning the fake last name. She uses these particles (called Cyrilians) to create things such as swords and even motorcycles. Most of her body is made of it as well, so she has the power to manipulate her own body to form her hand into a lance, a gun, etc.

As of Misfits at War, she is married to Aran Leverletto




She is rather calm person, though being somewhat sensitive at points. She loves adventure almost as much as her husband, which is why she loves to explore the world. She has the mouth of a sailor, though, and curses alot. Her heart can be worn on her sleeve at some points, but she's actually pretty strong. She goes down into breakdowns when talking about her experiences in the lab.


Fantendo - Misfits

She is set to appear as a major character in Fantendo - Misfits

Powers and Abilities

She has the ability to manipulate particles called Cyrilians, which her body is also made of that. She also has moderate gun skills and above-average flexibility, able to preform flips.


Aran Leverletto

A good friend of Aran, and thinks of him as a 'better-then-great teammate,' whatever that means.


Loves him so much, and pretty much ignores all the trouble he causes because he is cute.


Pretty much hates him.



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Melissa Dust
Fantendo - Misfits (2015)

Melissa is part of the Misfits, a group consisting of several odd-ball characters. Melissa is able to manipulate dustlike particles called Cyrilians, which her body also seems to be made of. With these particles, she can create motorcycles, turn her hand into a lance, or form a gun with it. It is implied that she and Aran have feelings for each other, but neither of them really act on it for some reason.