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Melissa (Darth Phazon)
Full Name Melissa
Gender Female
Species Portal Master
Class Skylander
Main Weapon(s) Traptanium Mirrors
Element(s) Light Light
Voice Actor(s)
Kari Wahlgren
All the world's my mirror!

Melissa is one of the 10 Elite Portal Masters; she is of the Light element, and almost always stares into her mirrors.


Back before the Core of Light was destroyed, Eon trained several replacement Portal Masters in the event that he should be destroyed. Out of the multitudes of candidates, 10 different Portal Masters made the cut:

Melissa was one of the few Portal Masters privileged enough to actually live in an ivory tower, where she loved to conceitedly stare at herself in the mirror. This was not all she did with the mirror, as she could view all of Skylands with it; unfortunately, some evil Mabu supersoldiers (commanded by Evilon) decided to use the Mirror to open a Portal into Skylands. Some quick thinking led Melissa to shatter the mirror, which formed 4 smaller mirrors, when she then used to repel the invaders (and even lock some of them up in the tower she called home). After which, with no home and a newfound will to protect Skylands, she took her mirrors and went on to become an Elite Portal Master with Traptanium-upgraded mirrors. Her obsessive need to stare into her weapon proved a little bit of a trip-up -- this distracted her from Kaos destroying the Core of Light and, as a result, got her blasted from Skylands.

Powers & Upgrades

Basic Upgrades
Reflective Perspective Path
Shining Shields Path
Soul Gem Ability



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