daughter of Luigi and Princess Daisy
Full Name Melinda
Current Age 16
Date of Birth 5 years after daisy's
Gender female
Location Sarasaland, Mushroom Kingdom
Daisy- cousin

Peach- friend

Ability/ies extremely smart

Melinda is the teenage daughter of Luigi and Princess Daisy, and is a royal citizen of the Sarasaland


Melinda was born in Sarasaland to luigi and Daisy. Melinda loved being a princess but she took it for granted. Her slighltly older cousin Margaret, who is the daughter of Mario and Peach taught her how to behave like a true benevolent princess.


Margaret cousin and best friend

Princess Daisy- Mother

Princess Peach- Aunt

Mario- Uncle

Luigi- Father


Melinda is much more girlier than Daisy, and therefore she tends to act much more prim and proper. She has more in common with her close aunt Peach, because Peach spent more time with her as Melinda visited the Mushroom Kingdom


Melinda bears a resemblance to her mother Daisy. She has darker brown hair that is long and the ends flips in curls. She wears a long green gown with light green panniers. Unlike Margaret, Peach and Daisy's dress, Melinda's dress has no collar is one straped.  Her dress has light green layers that swoop from side to side. She wears a yellow star pendant that she found on the ground during the Star Festival. She wears a green headband and green earrings with a small hoop earring on the end. Unlike most Mario characters, Melinda has golden eyes rather than blue.