The robot lady.
Full Name Melice
Current Age Programed to behave like an 18 year old.
Gender Programed to be female.
Location Unknown (born in a lab)
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Robot abilities, plasma cannon, plasma blade, iron hands.
Ability/ies Hammerspace, robots abilities.
Vulnerable To She takes every hit equally.
First Appearance Robo Madness

Melice is a female robot created by Elfain as her bodyguard. She is skilled in battle, being a powerful girl, and has a big arsenal of weapons. She joins you after you decide to explore planet Sylphiu.



Melice is an action girl, seemingly emotionless, often reacting to everything with robotic responses. However, deep into her earth, she's still warm, caring and kind, a side she specially shows when along Elfain. However, she can be extremely though and rude in the outside, willing to take down even an army to protect her. She is powerful and normally attacks with her iron fists, leaving heavy wounds on her enemies.

She is mature, and knows about her limitations.






  • There are rumors she has a crush on Scoutry of Shooting Beat fame.

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