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Daughter of Medusa
Symbol MeldiSymbol
Alliance Gorgon Kingdom
Appears in ZIN
Debut Fighters of Lapis 3: Stargate (non-canon, sneak peek)


Friends Devonate
Finisher Brand of the Gorgons
Meldi is the main character of ZIN. She is the daughter of Medusa, but is trying to figure her life out, which is why she is not present at the Gorgon Kingdom. She is rivals with Willow and Hapil.




Fighters of Lapis 3: Stargate




Name Info
ZINNeutralStandardSnap Tails Meldi lurches her head forward to attack with her snake-like pigtails that open and close their mouth. If an opponent is within range, they receive 3 damage for every bite. A maximum of 4 bites can be landed before the player must do the attack again.
ZINNeutralSideFour Punch A quick jab from her pigtails and then her own hands. Realistically, you can expect to either land all four or none at all. Each punch does 2 damage.
ZINNeutralUpSnake Trap Her pigtails go up and snap in the air and if anyone's over her, they get attacked. This move does 10 damage if it lands.
ZINNeutralDownHeel Stomp She slams her heels onto her opponent, which does about 8 damage.


Name Info
SpecialStandardZINCrystal Collision Meldi hands cause the two crystals dangling on her sleeves to collide, causing a aura of grey smoke to surround her, damaging opponents. Every second in the aura damages the opponent by a multiple of 3, with the initial damage being 3.
SpecialSideZINStone Cold Gaze Meldi's eyes flash and if someone is in range, they freeze and turn into stone. This effect lasts five seconds and can be quickened if the opponent mashes on the buttons.
SpecialUpZINConcrete Angel Erects a large statue under her feet, which propels her higher into the air as it rises. The statue can be destroyed or used by opponents as a platform. The statue is typically an angel but can also be a demon, which spews out fire for three damage every time the fire touches an opponent.
SpecialDownZINMarble Pillar Erects a large marble pillar which she then kicks down, causing 30 damage if unblocked. It requires a lot of set up, as the entire animation takes about 6 seconds to do.



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Non-Playable Characters

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