Megan (Forgotten Unity)
Megan in her typical outfit
Full Name Megan Aylenhall
Current Age 15
Date of Birth April 29, 1997
Gender Female
Current Status Alive
Vulnerable To Souless
First Appearance Out of Many
Latest Appearance One
Megan Aylenhall (usually referred to as Megan) is a protagonist in the Forgotten Unity series. She is the first female character in a Dk64rules (tbc) story to be with the lead protagonist for most of the time since Kiara of The Eric Four Saga.


Megan is similar to most female leads of Dk64rules (tbc) writing. She is kind and has a good nature about her. However, she's not a typical "damsel in distress", able to handle herself on her own as well.


Megan has reddish-brown hair that she keeps relatively short. She is commonly seen wearing a green shirt with no sleeves, gray shorts, and blue shoes. She has pale skin and teal eyes.


  • Megan was designed after the design of the Megasoul, which takes her physical form. In the end, only the Megasoul's hair color had to be changed to match Megan's. The original Megasoul had dark brown hair.

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