Megaman Tempo - Virtual Invasion
Developer(s) Dreams Inc.
Publisher(s) Dreams Inc.
Platform(s) Wii U, PS3, XBox 360
Age Rating(s)
ESRB E+10 (America and Canada), Pegi +7 (Europe), Cero B (Japan)
Genre(s) Hack-N'-Slash
Series Megaman Tempo
Megaman Tempo - Virtual Invasion is a spin-off of the Megaman Tempo series created by Dreams Inc.


The story takes place sometime during the middle of the series.

Tempo and the NeoHunters are doing their job as normal until one day Tempo receives a notification for a "special mission", Tempo is confused but still decides to follow the instructions and ends up in the middle of the desert where he's ambushed by a group of robots. Tempo defeats most of them but right when he's about to fight the last one, he mysteriously starts malfunctioning, though Tempo ignores it and goes back to main headquarters, where he is told that many digital devices have been malfunctioning.

Tempo shrugs it off as a minor problem before noticing explosions in the middle of the city, when he goes to check he finds that the cause of the explosions comes from a group of AI that has been spreading a virus that's been making both electronics and robots malfunction. The AI had just finished attacking a factory where they had stolen robot bodies so that they could "take their invasion to a whole new level". Tempo tries fighting them but they escape, forcing Tempo to go back to the NeoHunter headquarters.

Tempo goes back to the NeoHunter headquartes and finds out that they've managed to locate the 8 AIs, who have split up with their own individual armies to conquer separate areas, and send Tempo off to fight them. At this point the game splits up and allows you to choose which AI you want to take on in the order you want.


The gameplay is highly inspired by games such as Metal Gear Rinsing: Revengeance.

The game resembles that of a Hack-N'-Slash game, with the camera positioned behind the character as they fight hordes of enemies in a beat-em-up style, and like many other Hack-N-Slash games, there are many combos the player can perform to defeat enemies. However, the player also has a number of projectile attacks he can use, and projectile attacks can be combined with meelee attacks to create even more powerful combinations.

A core mechanic in the game ported over from Megaman and Megaman X is the ability to choose a boss and tackle through their stages, though in this game, the bosses don't get specific stages, but entire "Chapters" about their invasions, these Chapters have 4 stages in them and tell their own little story of Tempo trying to take them down. However, just like in the original games, these Chapters can be played in whatever order the player wants, and each one has their own little save files of sorts so that a player can stop midway through and play another (if they feel like doing so).

Another core mechanic of the original Megaman games was obtaining abilities from the bosses. This mechanic has been ported over to this game in the form of "Skills", whenever you beat a boss you don't get just a single weapon, but rather an entire moveset (for example, beating a fire boss will get you a moveset about fire abilities). These movesets have their own meelee and projectile attacks which just add to the expansive combo system of the game.


Playable Characters

This game follows the tradition of the original Megaman Tempo series by having 3 playable characters, one of them being a hidden character.

Image Name Description
Tempo Concept Tempo Tempo is the main character of the Megaman Tempo series and the main protagonist of this game. Tempo is pretty all-around in terms of stats and is the only playable character who can steal bosses' Skills.
Phono Phono Phono is one of Tempo's best friends, even though his personality is way different. Phono can't steal the bosses' Skills, but to make up for it he is way stronger than Tempo (though a little slower)
Megaman-8-bit-jumpingone-ducks-opinion--september-2008-0uj10a79 Megaman What would've happened if both Phono and Tempo had malfunctioned too due to the AIs' horrible virus? The NeoHunters would have to call this ancient relic dug out from a time capsule! Megaman is the secret character of this game and keeps his 8-bit sprite! Megaman has moves from only the best Robot Masters of his time, and though his meelee is pretty good, it's lacking compared to the other characters, but to make up for it his projectile abilities are the strongest!


Name Description
Dr. Mars Dr. Mars was the owner of the factory that was attacked by the AIs at the start of the game. He can help you by selling you items and upgrades throughout the game in exchange for gold.
Dumpster Dennis This robot was originally made to deal with the garbage problems in the city, but he was scrapped after an error until he was secretly repaired by Dr. Mars. Dennis lives in the dumpsters where you can exchange parts from enemies and other items found in stages for gold.
Gym Jim A robot made to help the humans in the city excersise, you can find him him in the gym where you can exchange "Private Session Passes" found scattered across stages to unlock special challenges.
Blacksmith Mera This expert blacksmith, known as the best and the only female one in the city, can help you get special abilities and upgrades by giving her parts collected from enemies across stages.


Name Class Description Animal
Titanium Tortuga Ben Tortuga is heavy and strong like his name implies, but he ususally prefers to relax and think before fighting. Morrocoy/Red-footed Tortoise
Wrestling Beetle Jock Beetle is very strong and agile, with his fighting style being highly inspired by famous wrestlers. Beetle is arrogant and thinks highly of himself. Japanese Rhynoceros Beetle
Molten Mole Ben Mole is timid and nervous, but whenever he gets angry he becomes reckless and strong. Mole is blind like normal moles so he tracks down his opponents by sound. Eastern Mole
Killer Rhinoceros Max Rhino is strong and destructive, mostly preferring to stand in four legs like an actual rhyno and charge at his opponents. Rhyno is impatient and anxious but not very smart. White Rhinoceros

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