Megaman ϱ is a reboot of Megaman that establishes a brand new timeline, this reboot was created by Dreams Inc. after getting the rights to make a Megaman series.

General Description

The series actually started out as a TV Show series, the first game wasn't released until after the first Season was over and was made mostly to connect the two seasons.

The series was made to mix elements from past Megaman series in one way or another, thus the series serves as a tribute of sorts to past Megaman series. However, the series also has its fair share of new elements, like new characters and a new story.

The series also introduces many elements from the comics, such as the character "Tempo/Quake Woman" and the anti-robot terrorist group, "Emerald Spears".


  • Zero Unleashed: Megaman thinks his life will be more peaceful after Wily reforms until a more powerful new threat appears!



Name Description
Rock/Megaman Rock was originally created by Dr. Light to help him do research, but after Dr. Wily went rogue he offered to turn himself into a fighting machine to stop Wily. Rock is mischevous and sarcastic, but he's also kind and tries to help out whenever he can.
Roll/Laplace Phantom Roll is Rock's sister and was made to take care of the labs but after the Laplace Virus took over her she turned rogue until Megaman knocked her out and made Light implant a chip to eliminate the virus, but instead Roll got full control of the virus and decided to use it to help Rock fight crime.
Blues/Protoman Blues was made as a prototype to Megaman, meaning he was first robot to have emotions, however when Dr. Light considered deactivating him, he escaped. Later on he came back but he had a bomb implanted in his chest that was set to explode if he didn't help Wily until Megaman rescued him and removed the bomb. After that Blues decided to help Megaman fight the new threat, Zero.
Forte/Bass Forte was made by Dr. Wily when he was first testing the fabrication of robots using Fortenium, however he went berserk and escaped, after that he became Megaman's rival until finally joining him in defeating Zero.
Tempo/Quake Woman Tempo was started as project by Dr. Wily until being forgotten completely, once Zero turned rogue he took over the project and completed Tempo and used her to kill Megaman until he reprogrammed her and convinced her to join the team and fight against Zero.


Name Description
Dr. Light Dr. Light is Rock's father, he knows alot about robotics and his knowledge helps the group many times throughout the series. Light is just like Rock, kind and humble.
Dr. Wily Dr. Wily starts out as a villain until finally turning good and joining the team to destroy Zero. Unlike Light, Wily is grumpy and short-tempered, however after joining the team he tries to become less selfish.


Name Description
Zero Zero was a robot created by Wily before he turned good that was activated on its own and went on a quest to enslave both robots and humans.
Rebellobots This group of machines thinks that robots are being mistreated by humans and thus they're trying to take out humanity and recruit more members for their sick group!
The Bonnes An infamous family of Air Pirates that are huntig for treasure! This family prefers to fight using mechs and their ServBots and utterly despise Megaman for always trying to stop them.
StarDroids These alien androids have come from a far superior galaxy and want to wipe out the world from existence, thinking it's inferior and useless.
Emerald Spears This terrorist group utterly hates robots and believe that they're gonna take over the world, so they're kind of like reverse Rebellobots.

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