Megaman Nova is the first game in the Megaman Nova series. It is for the Wii U and New 3DS.


Using many themes similar to Megaman X, but in a 3D visiual. You can play in a split screen for two players, or just one big screen.



Nova Team
Character Ability First Playable Weapon
Megaman Nova/ Nova

Nova Blaster

Mega Blaster

Since beggining. Nova Beam

G Rocket

Geo Speed

Super Saber

Since beggining. Geo Blade

T- Tornado

Turbo Drill

Giga Fist

Act 3 Terra Driller

Flash Blaster

Bright Shield

Act 5 Ray Defender
Wily Warriors
Character Ability First Playable Weapon

Burn Buster

Blaze Breaker

Since beggining. Pyriss Packer

Ice Crossbow

Frozen Fury

Since beggining. Ike Arrow

Rouge Ram

Roaring Blade

Act 3. Red Rapid.
Storm Tycoons
Character Ability First Playable Weapon

Tornado Trap

Soaring Axe

Since beggining. Soar Sword

Sharp Shot

Dark Dynamo

Since beggining. Big Boom
Rex T-Rex Turbine Act 3. Rex Axe

Mach Maker

Air Arrow

Act 5. Speed Spear

Robot Masters

Robot Master Ability Area
Chain Man Mega Hook Act 1
Circuit Man Electro Trap Act 2
Omega Man Omega Laser Act 3
Bubble Man Hydro Hand Act 4
Dash Man Dashing Strike Act 5
Portal Man Power Portal Act 6
Ener Man Tree Blade Act 7
Magma Man Lava Launcher Act 8

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