Megaman 11
Megaman 11 Title
The Game's Title Screen
Developer(s) Dark Flame Studios 5
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) WiiU, NX, 3DS, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Visus Sphere
Age Rating(s)
OFLC PG rating
Genre(s) 2D Platformer
Series Megaman
Predecessor Megaman 10
Successor Megaman 12 (assumed)
Megaman 11 is an upcoming sequel to the classic Megaman series, the game once again focuses on the seemingly endless battle between series namesake, Megaman (Rockman in Japan) & Dr. Wily, a mad scientist bent on world domination. The game like the previous entries in the franchise (9 & 10) are a reboot to the original series after Megaman 8 on the PS1, PS2, Xbox, Gamecube & Saturn.

The game like Megaman 9 & Megaman 10, returns to an 8-Bit style of gameplay and features a new storyline as well as 8 new Robot Masters.


Approximately 2 years after Megaman 10's events, Wily sends a message to Dr. Light & Megaman informing them that he is planning to destroy Megaman and take over the world with his new legion of robots, as he recalls his defeats from the previous games, he explain how he has given up hope of ever being able to take the world by force and instead plans to subdue humanity, announcing that he has strategically placed nuclear weapons under 8 strategic locations across the world and will detonate them if the World Leaders do not submit, he challenges Megaman to deactivate them as he has new Robot Masters who were built with Mega Man's capabilities in mind.


Just like in all previous Megaman games, the player controls Mega Man on a 2D plane with him being able to Jump & Shoot, as well as Duck, Slide, Wall Jump & Charge his shots for greater damage. Also like previous Megaman Games, Megaman is able to absorb the powers of the Robot Masters he defeats, using their powers against other Robot Masters and other Bosses.

Robot Masters

Bucaneer Man

A scourge of the seven seas, Bucaneer Man is the Robot Master who was put in charge of protecting the Nuclear Device located in the Oceania Region, Bucaneer Man is a gritty speaking Robot Master with many similarities to a Pirate Captain in appearance.

Bucaneer Man

His stage takes place aboard a colossal Pirate Ship, called the S.S. Sinker. As well as the Pirate Ship, segments of the level take place underwater & in a Submarine. The player will find Bucaneer Man in his Control Room which is designed to look like a room full of treasure.

Bucaneer Man's primary Weapon is his Anchor Cannon, a powerful weapon that acts similar to a Hookshot. In addition to his Anchor Cannon, Bucaneer Man can also summon Roborahnas and create Water Vortexs that can damage Megaman.

Plasma Man

This power hungry Robot Master, Plasma Man is the guardian of the Nuclear Device located in the Eastern Asian Region, being one of few Robot Masters to run on Plasma instead of another energy source, Plasma Man has a Superiority Complex about him, as he believes he is the evolution of Robots and that inferior robots must be eliminated.
Plasma Man

His stage takes place in three buildings designed to create different Energy, the first is a Wind Turbine, in which Megaman must contest with intense winds to progress. The second is a Nuclear Power Plant, Megaman must carefully navigate across the broken pathways past the Radioactive Cooling Stations to get through this area, and finally Megaman will have to traverse a giant Dam, where he will need to avoid emptying Water outlets as well as Turbines. Eventually Megaman will find Plasma Man in his Control Room which is designed to look like a Glass Bulb.

Plasma Man's primary weapon is his Plasma Whip, a semi-melee weapon that he can use to grab Megaman and electrocute him or to shoot out a blast of plasma. In addition, Plasma Man can send out a tower of Plasma across the room and also turn into plasma and dash along the walls, ceiling & floor.

Luchador Man

The Masked King of the Ring, Luchador Man is tasked with protecting hte Nuclear Device located in the Carribean Region, he is a fairly simple minded Robot Master however extremely powerful in combat, he seems to speak very quickly although stutters if he cannot find the words.
Luchador Man

Luchador Man's stage consists of many Wrestling Rings from different forms of fighting. Some are classic Wrestling Rings, while others are Boxing Rings, Cage Rings, Hanging Rings & Sumo Rings (to name a few). The player will encounter enemies similar to the various rings. Luchador Man is found in his Control Room, in a Giant Hanging Cage Ring that is set alight when Megaman enters.

Luchador Man's main weapon is his Super Arm Suplex, a move in which he grabs Megaman and launches up into the air, only to hurl Megaman Back down, causing massive damage. Along with this move Luchador Man is able to create Shockwaves by jumping as well as launching Rocket Punches.

Spine Man

One of the strongest Robot Masters with regards to defensive capabilities, Spine Man was placed to protect the Antarctic Region Nuclear Device, Spine Man is a surprisingly calm Robot Master who insists that Megaman just stop his "futile attempts".
Spine Man

Spine Man's stage consists of part of the Antarctic Surface which has several bottomless pits, it later continues into an Ice Cave which has many giant Dinosaur Bones in it, the player will need to be careful about how they go through this area as certain weapons will cause the ice to melt in several sections. The player will find Spine Man in his Control Room which is designed like a Research Station.

Spine Man's main Weapon is his Skeletal Bomb, a powerful bomb that rolls along the ground before exploding, releasing a cluster of Spines in every direction. Spine Man is also able to jump up high and shoot a clip of spines as well as roll up into a ball himself and try to ram Megaman.

Tyrant Man

This egomaniacal Robot Master believes that he was the sole greatest creation of Dr. Wily, he was tasked by Wily to protect the Nuclear Device in the European Region, he takes this task very seriously as he sees Dr. Wily as a father. He is very aggressive towards those who oppose Wily, claiming Megaman was "built by the nefarious Dr. Light".
Tyrant Man

Tyrant Man's stage is somewhat comparable to a Castle as Megaman must cross a moat bridge which has several holes as well as electric water. Megaman also has to deal with a jail section which involves destroying several iron doors which impede Megaman's movement while allowing enemies to ambush him, finally Megaman will have to traverse up a tower which has Mortar constantly raining down from above. He'll eventually reach the top, finding Tyrant Man in his Control Room which is almost identical to a Throne Room.

Tyrant Man's primary weapon is his Regal Scatter, an arcing bomb which mid air explodes releasing a cluster of energy bolts. As well as his Regal Scatter, Tyrant Man is able to summon a giant golden pillar out of the ground in certain locations as well as jump into the middle of the arena and shoot a lot of energy bolts in every direction.

Tendril Man

A dangerous and unpredictable foe, Tendril Man was given the task of protecting the South American Nuclear Device. Tendril Man has a childish nature about him, acting with naivity, initially believing Megaman to be a fellow Robot Master rather than a foe, however in combat he is very aggressive because of not being taken seriously.
Tendril Man

His stage takes place in a combination of ancient stone ruins and jungle rivers. The player must navigate through the maze-like ruins, dodging falling boulders as well as various traps. While in the Jungle River sections of the stage, the player will have to deal with acidic water and enemies who dwell beneath the water. The player will also need to be aware of their surroundings as creatures in the background may attack the player. Eventually Megaman will reach Tendril Man's control room, which looks similar to a sacrificial plateau.

In battle, Tendril Man uses his extendable arms to attack, with an ability called Triple Whip, a move which cycles between a Fire, Ice & Electrical whip like attack. The Fire variant releases a pillar of Fire, the Ice variant makes the ground slippery while the Electrical variant releases two electric pulses that run along the ground and up the walls.

Cyclone Man

This cunning foe attacks you constantly throughout his stage and will only allow you to fight him when you get to his control room. Cyclone man protects the North American Nuclear Device. He sees Megaman as his rival and that he anticipates that the two of them will collide many times in the future.
Cyclone Man

Cyclone Man's stage takes place on a Mountain and then an Airship. Along the way Cyclone Man will periodically appear in the background and send forth a Cyclone, forcing Megaman to find cover. In the Mountain section of this stage there will occassionally be landslides which will force the player to find alternate ways up the mountain, when the player reaches the airship they will have to traverse it from its hanging platforms to its masts. Cyclone Man's Control Room is found at the end of the Airship and has the appearance of a Captain's Quarters.

Cyclone Man himself has a several attacks including a powerful Cyclone Summon he uses during the stage. During his Boss Battle he attacks by creating a Fire Tornado and sending it at Megaman, as it moves it will release spurts of fire. He can also attack by shooting blasts of air and creating Wind Spears.

Regen Man

Regen Man is a Robot Master stuck with a Split Personality Disorder, he is also one of the few robots in the Megaman Series who has limbs detached. Regen Man was placed in charge of protecting the Nuclear Device in the African Region. Regen Man's two personalities represent two views on death; Fear & Acceptance. When fearful of death he moves quickly and attacks wildly, while his acceptance persona has him moving more rhythmically and attacking strategically.
Regen Man

Regen Man's stage takes place in a Desert and later Plains. The Desert section of his stage has Quick Sand which Megaman must avoid or else face certain death, during this stage, Megaman must also avoid creatures that will try to pull him into the Quick Sand. In the Plains section, it is relatively flat, however periodically Megaman will have to go underground through Giant Burrows. The player will eventually reach Regen Man's Control Room, which looks like a Clay Tower.

Due to his large Size, Regen Man has elongated limbs which if Megaman deals enough damage to will fly off and explode. However Regen Man is able to summon new limbs to replace these old limbs. In addition to this ability he is able to shoot his own limbs off and they will electrocute themselves while flailing about. The player's main goal is to destroy his head first as that will prevent him from regenerating and then destroying the limbs and the core.


  • Originally Tendril Man was called Sandstorm Man and was going to be the boss of the African Stage, however this name was considered too long and he was changed to Tendril Man and Regen Man took his place as the African Stage Robot Master
  • Bucaneer Man was going to originally be the boss of the Carribean Stage, however this was before Luchador Man was coined. Luchador Man's original concept was Slammer Man.
  • Interestingly while both Tendril Man & Cyclone Man use Fire-Based Weapons as their Main Weapon, neither are considered Fire Bosses, Cyclone Man is a Wind Boss & Tendril Man is a Water Boss
  • Regen Man is the first boss in the classic Megaman Series to have the ability to Regenerate Limbs, this is represented by his health bar regenerating when this happens as each body part has its own section to the health bar
  • Wily's Castle for this game is supposedly somewhere in the Middle East/Russia/Indian regions as they are the most distant from any Nuclear device, this is also one of the only Wily Castles where the final stage is both underground and in the sky