This is a sequel to Megaman: Powered Up.

Playable characters

Name_of_character Description_of_character Weapon_name Weak_against Unlocked_by
Megaman The hero of the games with the same series. M Buster None No need to
Metalman A robot master that operates a metal factory. Metal Blade Bubble Lead Beat him with M Buster
Airman A robot master that is found in the clouds. Air Shooter Quick Boomerang Beat him with M Buster
Bubbleman A robot master that is found underwater. Bubble Lead Leaf Sheild Beat him with M Buster
Quickman A robot master that can run up to high speeds. Quick Boomerang Time Stopper Beat him with M Buster
Flashman A robot master that can freeze time. Time Stopper Metal Blade Beat him with M Buster
Woodman A robot master that can be found in the forest. Leaf Sheild Atomic Fire Beat him with M Buster
Heatman A robot master that is really hot. Atomic Fire Crash Drill Beat him with M Buster
Crashman A robot master who loves to drill. Crash Bomb Air Shooter Beat him with M Buster
Protoman A robot who is the rival of Megaman. P Buster None No need to
Roll A young girl and the grand daughter of Dr. Light. Varied None No need to

For the cutscenes for the Robot Masters, see here.

Roll's forms

Form Name Form Weapon Form Outfit Form BGM
Roll Bat Normal Original
Summertime Roll Beach Umbrella School Swimsuit Machine Labyrinth Act 1 (Sonic Rush Adventure)
Valkyrie Roll Fish Cupid Carnival (Bubsy (SNES))
Knight Roll Sword Knight Armor RC Car Battles (Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed)
Witch Roll Broom Witch Cranking Castle (Mega Bomberman/Bomberman '94)
Scarecrow Roll Corn Stalk Scarecrow The Bear Basics (Pac-Man World 2)
Wintertime Roll Mallet Santa Claus My Sweet Passion (Sonic Adventure)
Princess Roll Golf Club Tennis Outfit Buccaneer Beach (Pac-Man World)
Friendship Roll Ruler Sailor Fuku San Salvador Island (Otomedius)
Genie Roll Sarcophagus Cleopatra Cleopactra (Ms. Pac-Man: Maze Madness)
Ninja Roll Shruiken Stars Kimono China (Super Dodgeball Brawlers)
Senorita Roll Guitar Mariachi Sombrero Mario Circuits 1, 2, 3, and 4. (Super Mario Kart)


  • Windy Waterfalls (Bubbleman)
  • Secret Skyway (Air)
  • Flame Factory (Quickman)
  • Grassy Gardens (Woodman)
  • Starlight Street (Crashman)
  • Crystal Cove (Flashman)
  • Mecha Mountain (Metalman)
  • Volcanic Village (Heatman)

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