Megald Warriors 3 is the upcoming third game in the Megald Warriors series. It will be the biggest game yet, bringing back all the characters as well as many new ones. 


Multiplayer Modes

  • Battle is the standard battle mode of the game! It has changed from the previous game. While there is still a point system, the points aren't the deciding factor of the game. The more combos and other strong attacks you do, the more points you get, which makes your standard attacks stronger. Otherwise, the game resembles that of most DBZ games, being a 3D fighter, however, it uses Super Smash Bros styled movesets. 
  • Minigames is pretty self explanatory. You and a few friends compete in a series of minigames, similar to the multiplayer mode from Sonic and the Secret Rings.
  • Speed Run is a new addition to the game, which plays similarly to the Android app Jetpack Joyride. You and one other friend race through an arena, trying to collect coins and using your abilities to quickly defeat enemies. When the timer runs out, whoever collected the most coins wins.
  • Megald Fortress 2 is a first person shooter game similar to Team Fortress 2. You can form a team of up to 9 playable characters, each with their own weapon that mirrors their abilities. (e.g. Mario would have a flamethrower, or Bomberman would have a grenade launcher) 

Singleplayer Modes

  • Realm of Conquerors is the story mode. Like the last game in the series, the story mode has a beat-em-up style gameplay with some 3D platforming as well.
  • Event Mode is the same as from Brawl, as it is a series of missions you need to complete. After the final mission, you face Roman Torchwick. 
  • Adventure Mode is similar to the one from Super Smash Bros Melee, going through a series of levels based on the franchises included in the game. Master Hand is the final boss of this mode.
  • City Life is sort of based on Animal Crossing in gameplay, as the characters use their abilities across Megapolis (the sort of hub area in the world of Megald) for normal tasks, such as Mario using FLUDD as a firefighting device.

Starting Characters

Character Description
Mario - Mario Party 10
SSB Mario Series
Mario returns from the first Megald Warriors games. He uses the fire flower and cat-suit to fight, and can clone himself by eating a Clone Cherry.
Calvin 2
Calvin & Hobbes
The classic duo of an over-imaginative young boy and his stuffed tiger friend join the battle once again! The duo uses scientific devices to fight, most of which are made from cardboard boxes. They also can throw water balloons.
Honey game
Honey the Cat
FightersofLapis6ChallengerSSB Sonic Series
The first newcomer confirmed for the game, Honey mostly uses quick melee attacks to fight. She also uses gold pistols, like in Extreme Fighters or FoL5.
Robin aRobin FightersofLapis6ChallengerFESymbol
A customizable mage-like character who uses various spells that can be customized by the player. She also uses an electric sword. You also have the choice to play as male Robin.
Ruby Rose
A huntress-in-training, Ruby is a fast character, utilizing her crescent rose scythe weapon, which transforms into a sniper rifle.
Silver trophy poses (SSBWIIU)
Silver the Hedgehog
SSB Sonic Series
A key character in the Megald Warriors series, Silver is a hedgehog from the future who can use telekinesis to attack, such as moving objects around with his mind, creating force fields, or shooting energy blasts.
Emily Hayes
Emily Hayes
The Stonekeeper destined to save Alledia, Emily uses her amulet's powers to attack. Her powers are a bit tricky to control, though.
Homura Akemi
A mysterious magical girl known for time travelling, Homura uses her guns and can slow down or speed up time to attack.
Alpha Season 2
A shy yet heroic player of TOME, Alpha uses abilities based on the Greek Gods to fight, such as shooting lightning from his fingers, knocking opponents back with a wave of water, or using a discus-like shield to protect himself from attacks.
Hajime Hinata - Danganronpa
Hajime Hinata
Being the protagonist and also kinda sorta the antagonist of the 2nd Dangan Ronpa game, Hajime is fluent in the art of using Truth Bullets and Evidence in battle.
Nagito Komaeda - Danganronpa
Nagito Komaeda
Nagito is a teen high-schooler obsessed with Hope, and he can use his insane laughter as well as investigations to attack.
Celestia Ludenberg - Danganronpa
Celestia Ludenberg
Being a gambler, Celes has quite a few luck-based attacks up her sleeve, and also can manipulate other characters or attack using the Justice Hammers. 
Stampy Cat
Stampy is the cheerful host of Stampy's Lovely World. He attacks with his sword and bow, can eat cakes to regenerate health, use lubely jubely love love petals or get help from his Minecraft helpers such as Lee, Squid, Amy Lee, or Squashey.
Robo Link FIXED
FightersofLapis6ChallengerSSB The Legend of Zelda Series
A mysterious robot doppelganger built to hunt down the newest incarnation of the Hero of Time, Link is armed with a laser sword, a laser cannon, and is over-all stronger then the original Link.
Blaze (Super Smash Bros Wii U) Update
FightersofLapis6ChallengerSSB Sonic Series
Silver's main partner in crime, Blaze is a pyrokinetic and thus uses fire powers in battle, as well as having a small resemblance in fighting style to Silver himself. 

Unlockable Characters

Starting Stages

Unlockable Characters


Assist Gems

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