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Reviews So Far (Pre-Completion) 

White's Review

While I think some of the characters are a bit overused, it's pretty detailed, and it seems like it would be fun to play if it were real...not that that's happening anytime soon Template:WhiteTLoCSig

Jake's Review

I'm not good at these, but I may as well support my pal. Anyway, the article is.... decent enough, though doesn't really give many details about how the characters fight aside from a single special ability of their's (that's like summing up Mario's SSB moveset with "he shoots fireballs"). Most of the character choices are pretty mainstream in umbrellas, but there are a few characters who stand out for me.

As of it's current status, I'd give it a 40% out of a 100%. Of course, this game isn't finished yet, but it does show potential.   Time Soul   00:18, May 21, 2014 (UTC)

Sora's Review

Going to make this rather quick as I really don't have much time before I have to go to sleep and wake up to another shitty day but what I saw was pretty good. I've seen a lot of baby waffles, but this builds off the first pretty well. There's a lot of familar strokes sure, but to say that no baby waffle is safe from it is a complete lie.

A few things could be improved though; some characters are in some desperate need of resizing and there really could be more added to the other sections. But I liked what I saw so far.

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