Megald Warriors 2 is an upcoming umbrella game and sequel to Megald Warriors. Pre-Reviews can be written here



Multiplayer Modes

  • Battle is the standard battle mode of the game! It has changed from the previous game. While there is still a point system, the points aren't the deciding factor of the game. The more combos and other strong attacks you do, the more points you get, which makes your standard attacks stronger. Otherwise, the game resembles that of most DBZ games, being a 3D fighter, however, it uses Super Smash Bros styled movesets. 
  • Minigames is pretty self explanatory. You and a few friends compete in a series of minigames, similar to the multiplayer mode from Sonic and the Secret Rings.
  • Speed Run is a new addition to the game, which plays similarly to the Android app Jetpack Joyride. You and one other friend race through an arena, trying to collect coins and using your abilities to quickly defeat enemies. When the timer runs out, whoever collected the most coins wins.
  • Megald Fortress 2 is a first person shooter game similar to Team Fortress 2. You can form a team of up to 9 playable characters, each with their own weapon that mirrors their abilities. (e.g. Mario would have a flamethrower, or Bomberman would have a grenade launcher) 

Singleplayer Modes

  • Ignitions of Evil is the story mode. It is more of a beat-em-up, and Hades from Kid Icarus Uprising is set to be the central antagonist. 
  • Event Mode is the same as from Brawl, as it is a series of missions you need to complete. After the final mission, you face Roman Torchwick. 
  • Adventure Mode is similar to the one from Super Smash Bros Melee, going through a series of levels based on the franchises included in the game. Master Hand is the final boss of this mode.
  • City Life is sort of based on Animal Crossing in gameplay, as the characters use their abilities across Megapolis (the sort of hub area in the world of Megald) for normal tasks, such as Mario using FLUDD as a firefighting device.

Story Mode: Ignitions of Evil

you can view it here.

Starting Characters

There will be 60 Starting characters. 

Image Name Description Franchise
MarioMPSSC Mario Mario returns from the first Megald Warriors. He uses the fire flower and cat-suit to fight, and can clone himself by eating a Clone Cherry.   SSB Mario Series
Rosalina Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Rosalina Like a lot of characters here, Rosalina returns from the first Megald Warriors. She uses her spin attack and Lumas during battle, and can strengthen her attack power with Starbits.  SSB Mario Series
Princess Peach Bubble Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour Princess Peach Peach's fighting style is much more elegant then the others. She uses a parasol and can get help from her Toad Army. She also can use her emotions.  SSB Mario Series
228px-Nabbit Nabbit A new character from the Mario series, Nabbit uses his bag to trap opponents and can also quickly escape from being attacked. He also uses melee attacks with his fists.  SSB Mario Series
386px-PitSSB4 Pit Pit is an angel and servant of Palutena, the goddess of light. He uses his diverse arsenal from Kid Icarus Uprising to attack, and can also fly. SSB Kid Icarus Series
DataYE Data

Data joins as a newcomer to Megald Warriors. He can turn his robotic arm into any weapon he wants, which is pretty neat if you ask me. 

SSB Fantendo Series
Mika Sho FJR Mika Sho Mika Sho is a starter this time around, which is cool I guess. She uses fire powers and space gear to attack.  SSB Fantendo Series
Samusfol5 Samus Aran Samus is a bounty hunter who hunts down Metroids and other crazy space enemies. She uses her arm cannon to shoot lasers and missles, and also can roll into a ball and set off crash bombs. SSB Metroid Series
Ruby Rose - Trans Ruby Rose Ruby Rose returns for another battle in Megald! She uses her speed and her massive Crescent Rose weapon during battle.  RWBYsymbol
Weiss Schnee Weiss Schnee Weiss returns for another battle in Megald! She uses her rapier sword to fight, which can be used as a melee weapon AND it can shoot ice.  RWBYsymbol
NoraValkyrieProfilePicture Nora Valkyrie

Nora is a hyperactive girl and member of Team JNPR, using her massive hammer to fight. 

StevenUniverseNew Steven Universe

Steven is a young Crystal Gem, being the only male one. He can use Cookie Cat ice cream bars to regain power and can also use a shield. 

250px-Steven amethyst 174x252 Amethyst

One of the Crystal Gems, who likes to mess around with Steven and the others. She mostly uses shape-shifting to attack. 


Do the Impossible, See the Invisible.

Row, Row, Fight the Power!

Kamina is the founder and former leader of Team Gurren, Before he y'know, kinda died, who uses his long-ass sword, his mech, and his MANLINESS. 

Gurren Lagann
Alpha Alpha Alpha is a user of TOME who attacks with his diverse movepool based on the greek gods, including zapping the opponent with lightning or creating a shield. TOME
EmilyHayes Emily Hayes The Stonekeeper destined to save Alledia, Emily uses her amulet's powers to attack. Her powers are a bit tricky to control, though. Amulet
Leon MW Leon Redbeard Leon is a fox soldier assigned to protect Emily and help her defeat the Elf King. He uses a sword or can get help from the resistance during battle. Amulet
FrozenElsa Elsa Elsa is the Queen of Arendelle, but her kingdom got kinda freaked out after they discovered her ice powers. Speaking of which, she uses her ice powers in battle. SSB Frozen
Anna MW2 Anna Anna is the talkative sister of Elsa and princess of Arendelle. She is faster then her sibling and can throw snowballs at her opponents, or can run them over with a sleigh and get help from Olaf. SSB Frozen
Calvin hobbes.1265746953 Calvin & Hobbes A dynamic duo and staple of comic strips, Calvin and Hobbes play like the Ice Climbers from Brawl. They use snowballs to attack, and can transmogrify themselves into threatening creatures, such as Tyrannosaurus Rexes. Calvinhobbessymbol
Thor png by qwaseer-d4ukrkj Thor Thor is a demi-god who controls thunder and like Pit, he assists the main deities. He can uses his hammer and can control thunder and other storm-like thingies.  SSB Avengers
Eren EB3 Eren Eren Jeager is a young boy who plans to pretty much commit Titan genocide. He uses his blades and 3D Manuveur Gear during battle.  SnKicon
Cfinnjake Finn the Human

Finn is the hero of the land of Ooo, using his different swords in battle, and can get help from BMO. 

JakeNewLapis Jake the Dog

Finn's best pal and adoptive brother, Jake can use his stretchly limbs, and can grow and turn into various weapons. 

Silver2 Silver the Hedgehog Silver returns from the last game, mostly using his psychic abilities to attack. SonicSeries2
Death the Kid Death the Kid

Also known as simply Kid, Death the Kid uses Reaper Powers and can use Liz and Patty, two girls who transform into guns. 

Madokaaa Madoka Kaname

Madoka is a very powerful magical girl, who can use her speed and her bow which shoots energy arrows. She also can get help from her other magical girl allies. 

Serena XY Serena Serena is a Pokemon Trainer from the Kalos Region, who uses Chesnaught, Pangoro, and Fennekin during battle.   SSB Pokémon Series
701Hawlucha Hawlucha A new pokemon from the Kalos region, Hawlucha uses Luchador stunts and his flight to attack.  SSB Pokémon Series
Maka Albarn Maka Albarn A Scythemeister and wielder of weapon partner Soul Eater Evans, Maka can use her Scythe as well as the Witch Hunter technique and the Maka Chop.  SEicon
MegamanTransparent Mega Man Formerly a house cleaning robot along with his "sister" Roll, Mega Man uses his Mega Buster and Robot Master abilities during battle, and can also get help from Rush, his robot dog friend.  Megaman Series Logo
Protomannew Proto Man Mega Man's older brother, Proto Man is quicker and stronger then Megaman, but lacks the Robot Master abilities. Instead, he uses his shield.  Megaman Series Logo
SmithyMan Will Smith a real life actor, Will Smith can use a neurolizer and gun during battle, as well as rapping and turning into a fish to perform WISE CRACKING COMIC RELIEF.  SSB Reality
Phurrell Pharrell Williams Despite looking like a human, Pharrell is really the physical embodiment of happiness. He uses happiness aura to perform a variety of moves, ranging from happy dancing and clapping to great feats such as turning into a big happy face and smashing into everyone.  SSB Reality
Princess Zelda (Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons) Zelda Zelda returns with a different design, despite more or less staying the same moveset-wise. She uses magic spells to attack, or can use a sword or her Light Arrows.  SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
LucyAnimeS2 Lucy An aspiring wizard, Lucy mostly uses her Gatekeys to summon Celestial Spirits to help her in battle. She also can get help from Happy.  SSB FairyTail
Natsu Anime S2 Natsu A member of the Fairy Tail guild of wizards, Natsu can absorb and attack with fire during battle. SSB FairyTail
Naruto uzumaki psd by demonfoxwwe-d2znyu7 Naruto Uzumaki Naruto is a young ninja who wants to be the Hokage, or leader of the Hidden Leaf Village, and can use his chakra abilities and shadow clones to fight. Naruto
Billy Hatcher Billy Hatcher An old SEGA character, Billy attacks with eggs along with quick punches and melee attacks. However, he doesn't have that good recovery. Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg
Beck Beck Beck is the 9th Mighty Number, turning his arms into weapons to fight.  MightyNo9Elb
Nostalgia Critic PNG Nostalgia Critic A slightly insane film critic who attacks with the Number 11 and can pretend to be a ghost to confuse opponents. Channel Awesome
ToddInABlindfold Todd in the Shadows A newcomer to the Megald Warriors series and ally of the Critic, Todd can play his piano to fight. He also can transform into Robocop or the Dread Pirate Roberts.   Channel Awesome
NerdFightersofLapis 5 AVGN The Nerd returns, being a starter character this time around. He uses F-Bombs, a Nintendo Zapper, and can don a Batman Costume to attack, and can also tear apart game consoles to intimidate opponents. He also can drink beer to regain health.  SSB AVGN
Metal sonic chaos Metal Sonic Sonic's evil doppleganger, Metal Sonic can use Chaos Emeralds to perform many special abilities, as well as form a deflector shield.  SonicSeries2
200px-Tailsdecal Miles "Tails" Prower Tails is a speedy fighter, using his machines to fight. He can use an arm cannon, dummy ring bombs, and a device that can heal himself. However, the healing device needs to go on cooldown for a certain amount of time.  SonicSeries2
DipperGFArt Dipper Dipper is Mabel's twin brother and studier of the paranormal. He can create clones of himself and sing Babba songs to attack. He also can summon the Multibear. GFSymbol
Grapplin hook mabel Mabel Mabel is Dipper's fun-loving sister who loves to mess around. She uses a grappling hook and bedazzler to fight, and can also summon Waddles to help. GFSymbol
Iron Man 5 Iron Man Tony Stark is an intelligent scientist who made a suit of armor to fight crime and stuff. He uses missles, repulsor blasts, and other sorts of weapons to fight, and can also fly.  SSB Avengers
Captain-america Captain America The first avenger joins the fray! He can use his shield to attack or send soldiers to attack for him. SSB Avengers
Rocket Raccoon MW2 Rocket Raccoon A newcomer to the frenzy of Megald Warriors, Rocket is a quick and nimble fighter using various firearms in battle.  Marvelogo
139px-Disney INFINITY - Mr. Incredible Mr. Incredible Mr. Incredible is a part time family man, part time superhero! Kinda confused about how that works, but ok. He can use his super strength as his main attack method, but also can get help from his super children.  SSB Incredibles
Merida-brave-32114600-750-835 Merida Merida is a princess who likes going against the norm, and uses her bow and her trusty steed to fight.  DisneyIcon
Black panther Black Panther A powerful fighter using adamantium claws, and is a very quick and nimble fighter. He also wields a staff. SSB Avengers
Pinkiecore Pinkie Pie A cheerful pony, Pinkie Pie can break the fourth wall and use party materials to fight. She also can use clones, similarly to Dipper.  MLP FiM Series
KTDKirby Kirby This pink puffball may LOOK cute, but it can be really vicious at times. It can swallow other players and gain their abilities, as well as use a hammer and some of the copy abilities from his games.  SSB Kirby Series
220px-VillagerSSB4 Villager Villager returns as an unlockable character this time around. He uses his tools and can pay bells to learn new moves. SSB Animal Crossing Series
Hajimehinata Hajime Hinata Being the protagonist and also kinda sorta the antagonist of the 2nd Dangan Ronpa game, Hajime is fluent in the art of using Truth Bullets and Evidence in battle. DanganRonpaLogo
480px-Nagitokomaeda Nagito Komaeda Nagito is a teen high-schooler obsessed with Hope, and he can use his insane laughter as well as investigations to attack. DanganRonpaLogo
Cucumber Cucumber Cucumber is a young bunny-person who is destined to save Dreamside from the Evil Nightmare Knight. He uses his "borrowed" wand to perform magic spells and can also use the Dream Sword. CucumberQuestSBB
Inkling SSBV Inkling An Inkling who attacks by shooting ink or turning into a squid. Ika is a territorial fighter, who works best when she has control over the terrain. She can spray ink on the ground to swim in as a squid, but she cannot attack other players when in her squid form. Splatoon icon

Unlockable Characters

There will be about 30 Unlockable Characters.

Image Name Description Franchise How to Unlock
Ryuko2 Ryuko Matoi

Ryuko Matoi is an exchange student at a new battle school, hoping to find the murderer of her father. She uses her powers from her practically non-existant armor and her scissor blade to fight. 

SSB KillLaKill Beat Adventure Mode as Kamina
Don Lockwood Don Lockwood

A star movie performer, Don Lockwood attacks with dancing, an Umbrella, and his acting skills. 

SSB SinginintheRain Win 50 Battles
Bowser SSB4 Bowser Bowser returns to the battle, and uses his spiked shell, can throw Bob-ombs, and breathe fire.  100px-SSB Mario Series Beat Adventure Mode as Mario
347px-YoshiSSB4 Yoshi Yoshi is a friendly dinosaur who helps (and gets slightly abused by) Mario. He can throw yoshi eggs and swallow other characters. He can also turn into yarn which.....doesn't really do much actually. 100px-SSB Mario Series

Win 75 Matches as any Mario character

Hans MW Prince Hans Despite debuting in the first Megald Warriors as a boss, this is Hans' first playable appearance. He uses his sword and his horse to battle, and can also use his authority to threaten enemies. SSB Frozen Beat Adventure Mode as Anna
Espio 3D Espio 

Espio the Chameleon is a ninja and member of the Chaotics group. He uses ninja stars to attack and can blend in with his surroundings to confuse opponents. 

SonicSeries2 Win 65 Brawls as Silver
474px-24 mbisonm M. Bison Bison is a tryanic warrior who is trying to take over the world. He uses his psycho-power to perform many abilities.  Streetfightersymbol Win Adventure as Samus
PalutenaBrawl Palutena Palutena is the goddess of light and one of the high deities of Megald. She uses her staff and can summon more of her angel soldiers to attack. She also uses her light powers.  SSB Kid Icarus Series Win 100 Matches as Pit 
Bombermanultra200902070 Bomberman White Bomber, a.k.a. Bomberman, is the cutest demolitionist I've ever seen. His solution to everything is BLOWING SH*T UP! What's not to like? BIcon Use the TNT item 75 times.
Minecraft-steve 12 Steve The main protagonist (or at least the default player skin) of the game Minecraft, and can use his tools to battle. A downside is he has to craft his tools first before he can use them and he is vulnerable while crafting. Minecraft symbol Win on the End stage 20 times.  
RaidenMK Raiden Raiden is the god of Thunder and is more of a minor deity of Megald. He uses his electric powers and his staff to attack.  Mortal kombat logo2 Beat Adventure Mode as Palutena
Curious Paper Mario Paper Mario Mario's paper form joins the battle! He uses his hammer and partners to attack. He is a pretty formidable fighter. Heck, I would even say his chances of being defeated are paper thin. Hahaha, I suck at this. 100px-SSB Mario Series Beat Minigames 5 Times
Greninja-ssb4 Greninja Greninja makes his return, using his tongue as a whip, water shuriken, and other ninja-like moves.  SSB Pokémon Series Beat Minigames as Serena 
Kristoff 2013 Kristoff A man who sells ice for a living and one of Elsa's friends, he can heave ice blocks at opponents and can get help from Sven, his Reindeer pal.  SSB Frozen Beat Minigames as Anna
Moe United Feature Syndicate Moe A student at Calvin's school and a bully that likes to pick on Calvin. Moe can punch and shove opponents, and demand them to give him their lunch money. Calvinhobbessymbol Win 85 Brawls as Calvin
Spiderman1 Spider-Man Spider-Man got bitten by a radioactive spider and now he makes a living fighting crime and cracking jokes! He uses his web-slinging and super strength in battle. SpidermanLogo Win Adventure Mode as Iron Man
DonkeyKongSSB4 Donkey Kong A monkey and former rival of Mario, He is a strong character who can attack by playing bongos, using his charge punch, and can heal himself by eating a banana. SSB Donkey Kong Series Win on Classic Donkey Kong stage 50 Times
Hoohaahoohaadonkeykong toon dankey kangz The Donkey Kong from the Donkey Kong Country animated series. He is the worst character in the game, as he can only attack with poorly written musical numbers and by acting like a pirate. SSB Donkey Kong Series You unlock him by beating Adventure Mode as Donkey Kong. However, unless you are a completionist, why you would want to unlock him is beyond me.
Mewtwo Mewtwo The psychic clone of Mew, Mewtwo uses his psychic powers to attack. SSB Pokémon Series Win Adventure Mode as Serena
Ridley2 Ridley Samus' arch enemy, Ridley and can fly, attack with his claws, and breathe lasers from his mouth. He also can use transformations to become too big for the game.  SSB Metroid Series Win 150 Brawls
009Blastoise Blastoise Blastoise is a strong fighter who mostly attacks with strong melee attacks as well as water blasts from the cannons on his back.  SSB Pokémon Series Win Adventure as Greninja
Bolt MW2 Bolt Bolt is a dog and star of a hit television series. He is a quick fighter who can scratch at or bite opponents, use various superpowers, or perform camera stunts.  DisneyIcon Win Adventure as Merida
Flamegirl Flamegirl Alpha's best friend and player of TOME, Flamegirl mostly uses fire-based attacks, and is a lot quicker and more nimble then Alpha.  TOME Beat Minigames as Alpha
Magolor.full.1559364 Magolor The pilot of the Lor Starcutter, Magolor can use many magical abilities to fight, such as energy beams and dashing abilities. SSB Kirby Series Beat Minigames as Kirby
Rockoon Rockoon A mischevious hacker, he can scratch and use bombs to fight. He also can fuse with the Shadow Guard Beast and is able to destroy the landscape of the stage.  TOME Win Adventure as Alpha
242px-CG Shadow 11 Shadow Sonic's edgier rival, he uses guns and other COOL and EDGY stuff. However, the pure EDGINESS of his abilities aren't enough to make him a very strong character, making him a bit of a joke.  SonicSeries2 Win 20 Matches as Metal Sonic
GlyndaGoodwitchProfilePicture1 Glynda Goodwitch Professor Ozpin's loyal sidekick, Glynda mostly uses dust abilities in battle. RWBYsymbol Beat Minigames as any RWBY Character
DEMON ALPHA Demon Alpha Despite being really just another form of Alpha, Demon Alpha appears as his own character this time around. He looses the greek-based moves, but can claw at opponents and is very fast and can also use the Forbidden Power as a weapon, paralyzing anyone who comes in contact with it.   TOME Beat Story Mode
Blackstarru Black☆Star an arrogant loudmouth, Black☆Star uses his weapon Tsubaki, who can transform into a variety of weapons, such as a smokebomb or a ninja sword. However, he is really bad at sneak attacks. SEicon Beat Minigames as Maka
Sayaka2 Sayaka Miki A magical girl and friend of Madoka, Sayaka uses water magic in battle.  MadokaSymbol Beat 300 Matches as Madoka Kaname
Armin Arlert MW2 Armin Arlert Eren's childhood friend, Armin mostly plays similar to Eren, but without the Titan form. He is faster, but weaker, making him more of a strategic character.  SnKicon Beat Adventure as Eren Jeager
Gray Fullbuster Gray Fullbuster A member of Fairy Tail and Natsu's rival, Gray uses ice magic to fight.  SSB FairyTail Beat Minigames as Natsu
ErzaScarlet Erza Scarlet An ally of Lucy and the others, Erza uses her sword that can transform into other weapons (eat your heart out, Ruby!) and is quite a strong fighter.  SSB FairyTail Beat Adventure as all the other Fairy Tail characters
Darkrai Dream Darkrai A ghost-like Pokemon who can go through walls or use darkness powers to attack.  SSB Pokémon Series Win 500 Matches
258Mudkip 3 Mudkip DOYOULIKEMUDKIPZ SSB Pokémon Series BE THE MUDKIP

Starting Stages


Image Name Franchise Description
Inner Wall AoT Inside Wall Maria Attack On Titan The city that was inside Wall Maria before it was breached and tooken over by Titans. It is a very normal landscape, but very rarely a Titan might breach the landscape and eat one of the players. 
MinecraftEnd The End Minecraft symbol A strange world where the Endermen reside, hazards include Endermen attacking you and on rare occasions the Ender Dragon will swoop in. Also, if you fall into the void, you automatically lose 5 points. 
DKArcade Classic Donkey Kong SSB Donkey Kong Series The first level of the Classic Donkey Kong arcade game! Ladders are climable and Donkey Kong will try to throw barrels at you. 
17inchat Chatroom SSB Fantendo Series The chatroom where many Fantendo users come to chat about random things. If the chat abruptly ends, you can gain extra points by somehow keeping the conversation going. 
HeliCarrier The Helicarrier SSB Avengers A flying vehicle and pretty much the base of operations for S.H.I.E.L.D. S.H.I.E.L.D. Operatives survey the battle, and will occasionally attack one of the players.  
Toad Toad Circuit 100px-SSB Mario Series Toad Circuit is a racetrack in Mario Kart 7. Hazards include the big Toad statues falling down and smashing you or racers coming by and running into you. 
Mt. Everest from Gokyo Ri November 5, 2012 Cropped Mount Everest SSB Reality One of the biggest mountains of all time, hazards include snowstorms that could blow you away. 
Green Hill Zone (Paper) Green Hill Zone SonicSeries2 You know, that one level that appears in  ALMOST EVERY SONIC GAME EVER!!!! It is a simple stage where you can go on the loop-de-loops and stuff, but Badniks will come out and attack you. 
BattlefieldDay-SSB4 Battlefield SSB Smash Bros Series The battlefield of Smash Bros, where you can jump on and off the platforms, and..... watch the sun set, I guess? It's better then nothing. 
Lavendera ;Lavendera TOME The purple wasteland where TOME players can freely battle! Sometimes, however, you might get trapped in a battle grid. 
Day The Lawn Plants VS Zombies There is more to this lawn then it seems. Zombies appear as a hazard, but you can plant Peashooters to fend them off. 
Google main Google Search Bar Google The search bar for google. It may not look like much, but you can search things during battle, and the things you search could have a positive or negative impact on the battlefield. 
Paper mushroom kingdom Mushroom Kingdom 100px-SSB Mario Series A simple Mario level. Hazards include Koopa Troopas, Pirhanna Plants, and other enemies. 
Angel Island Angel Island SonicSeries2 A floating island where the Master Emerald is located. You can try to harness it's power, but good luck man. 
Zims house night Zim's House ZimSymbol Zim's house on earth. GIR might come out of the house and attack you as a hazard. 
LOLSOMANYCOOKIESIAMTHECOOKIEKING Cookie Clicker Arena CookieClickerCookie An arena where the most addicting thing ever takes place. You can get Grandma to make cookies for you, which boosts your speed.

Hidden Stages


Image Name Franchise Description How to Unlock
Clocktown1 Clock Town SSB The Legend of Zelda Series The place where Skull Kid plans to crash the Moon into, you can explore the town and encounter merchants, poets, and other people. However, the Moon might come crashing down. If you get hit by the moon, it's an instant K.O.  Win 72 Battles as Zelda.
Peach'sCastle Peach's Castle 100px-SSB Mario Series Peach's Castle. Nothing much special, but you can fight on both the rooftops or the ground near the castle. Win 50 Matches as Mario
Mc-minecraft-beta-1.9-nether-upgrade The Nether Minecraft symbol One of two alternate dimensions you can go to in Minecraft (The other being The End.) Hazards include Zombie Pigman stampedes and Ghasts shooting fireballs at you. Beat Event Mode as Steve
Pokemon Stadium Pokemon Stadium SSB Pokémon Series Similar to the one in Brawl, the stage will change to different type themes and such.  Win 90 Matches as Greninja
EmeraldForest1 Emerald Forest RWBYsymbol A forest where creatures of Grimm thrive. Beowulves and other enemies appear as hazards. Win Event Mode as either Ruby or Weiss
Final Destination ssbb Final Destination SSB Smash Bros Series FINAL DESTINATION! A dark barren platform where.... nothing much happens actually.  Beat Story Mode
Mystery shack paint test Mystery Shack GFSymbol The Pines' home for the summer, Gnomes will attack you and Grunkle Stan might come out and trick you to buy one of his tourist trapping items, lowering your HP.  Win 50 Times as Dipper
Mechcity ;Mech City TOME A concrete jungle designed for both combat and converse! There are no hazards, but a battle grid must be set up before any fighting can take place.  Win 75 Times on the ;Lavendera stage
Untitled2 hf2 Main Menu SSB Fantendo Series The main menu of Fantendo! Nothing much happens here, other then the chance of the Fantendo Logo running into you.  Unlock Mika Sho
Mario Party Board MW Mario Party Board 100px-SSB Mario Series The board where Mario Party takes place! You can only progress forward on the board, and there are deathtraps hidden all around the area.  Win 50 Brawls on Peach's Castle
Sonic Spinball Sonic Spinball Arena SonicSeries2 The Sonic Spinball Arena appears as a stage in the game. There are some obstacles in the stage, that fling you like a pinball, but that's pretty much it. Beat Event Mode as Silver


Image Name Franchise Effect
170px-Super Mushroom Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Mushroom 100px-SSB Mario Series Strengthens your melee attacks at the cost of 3 points. 
N/A Assist Gem Megald Warriors Is similar to the Assist Trophy in Brawl, it can spawn one of 15 Assist Trophies to help in battle. 
TNT TNT Minecraft symbol Creates a small explosion, depleting 5 points from any player in the explosion's radius except for the summoner.
Smiley Face BW Smiley Face Megald Warriors Gives the user 5 extra points. 
Chaos Emeralds Chaos Emeralds SonicSeries2 You can get one of seven colors of Chaos Emeralds, which allow you to teleport for a certain ammount of time. 
Emerald Minecraft Emerald Minecraft symbol One of the many minerals from the game Minecraft and probably the least useful. The Emerald allows you to trade special moves with one of the other players for a certain ammount of time. 
MachOneIronMan Mark One Suit SSB Avengers The original Iron Man suit, you can hop into the suit, and can shoot missles. You also become really strong yet slow in the suit. If you take too much damage the suit gets destroyed.
Purple Fedora of Swagger Purple Fedora Megald Warriors Makes your attacks stronger.
RaygunSSB4 Ray Gun SSB Smash Bros Series Shoots up to 15 laser blasts.
BeamswordSSBB Beam Sword SSB Smash Bros Series Can be used as a melee weapon. 
Onigiri Doughnut SSB Reality Nothing beats a Jelly-filled doughnut!

Assist Gems


Image Name Franchise Ability
406px-Luigi Mario 3D World Luigi 100px-SSB Mario Series Sucks the nearest players into the Poltergeist 3000. 
Nylocke Nylocke TOME Jumps down and attacks the nearest opponent with his sword. 
025Pikachu Pikachu SSB Pokémon Series Tackles into enemies and attacks them with electricity. 
SkeletonMinecraft Skeleton Minecraft symbol Will shoot arrows at opponents. 
LakituNSMBU Lakitu 100px-SSB Mario Series Will hover over the stage and throw Spinies down at opponents. 
250px-Knucklesdecal Knuckles SonicSeries2 Hits the nearest opponent with a barrage of punches. 
AvatarIP An IP SSB Fantendo Series Angrily rages at all the opponents. It doesn't do much damage though. 
Wasp3 The Wasp SSB Avengers Flies around the stage shooting energy blasts at foes. 
Wind-up Wind-Up Skylanders IT DOES NOTHING.
Dexter Dexter Dexterlogo Shoots his ray gun in all directions.
Daisyinsupermariosupermario3dsupermarioworld Daisy 100px-SSB Mario Series Runs around screaming "Hi! I'm Daisy!" while hitting people with golf clubs. 
189px-Kamek-212x2283 Kamek 100px-SSB Mario Series Casts a magic spell, altering the battle in your favor. 
IronGolem Iron Golem Minecraft symbol Walks up to a random enemy and throws them into the air. 
Goomba Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Goomba 100px-SSB Mario Series Will walk around the stage, damaging any opponent in his way. 
Gaijin Goombah Gaijin Goombah Social-youtube-logo-grey Will slice at the enemies with his sword, the Pixel Cutter. 
Captain obvious Captain Obvious Tvtropes icon Flies in and points out obvious weakpoints of the opposing players. 
80- Kirito Sword Art Online Uses his swords, and also can attract all female players on the battlefield to him as a distraction. 
Shiroe Shiroe Log Horizon Can use assist spells to strengthen your attacks.


The original 20 tracks return from the last game, along with 20 new tracks, including a new main theme.

New Tracks

Returning Tracks


Image Name Description
Roman Torchwick Roman Torchwick The Event Mode boss, Roman mostly uses his cane-gun thingy or can fly away in a jet.
Masterhand-thumb Master Hand The Boss of Adventure Mode, Master Hand can shoot lasers out of his fingers and can grab you and throw you.
200px-Ice King Ice King Finn's nemesis, the Ice King can use ice powers and send out Gunters to attack.
Medusa2 Medusa One of the main commanders of Hades' army, she uses her staff and can turn people into stone for a short ammount of time.
Barney-the-dinosaur Barney Barney is a purple dinosaur who likes to teach children important life lessons that they should probably already know. He can summon any deadly weapon, such as a machine gun or battle axe, by simply imagining about it. However, the weapons do 0.00001% damage, making him the ultimate joke boss.
Dark pit Dark Pit A dark clone of Pit who fights The Nostalgia Critic and his team in The Underworld. He uses mostly more powerful versions of Pit's moves.


  • This is Dark's first game after becoming an Anime fan and it shows, due to many of the newcomers being from an anime (Naruto, Ryuko Matoi, Kamina, Death the Kid, Lucy Heartphillia, etc.)