Megald Warriors is an umbrella game series made by SuperSonicDarkness. So far it only has two games, but the third game will begin production soon. It was originally designed to be mainly a fighting game, and while fighting is still the main gamemode of the game, as of the second game the creator now sees the series as a mixture of many different game genres.

Games In The Series

Megald Warriors

The first in the series, Megald Warriors introduces many soon-to-be-mainstays in the series such as Mario, Alpha, Ruby Rose, Pit, Eren Jeager, and Queen Elsa. There are five game modes, with Zero Two from Kirby being the villain of story mode and the Elf King being the villain of Event Mode. 

Megald Warriors 2

The upcoming second game, not much is known about it yet. The Elf King, the final boss of Event Mode, is set to be the villain in this game's story. Some newcomers include Steven Universe, Serena, Espio, Finn the Human, and Maka Albarn.  

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