Megald Warriors: Rewind is a 3D fighting game and a sequel/reboot to the Megald Warriors series. It mostly consists of characters that have been in umbrellas by the creator before, with some exceptions.


Like previous Megald games, there will be multiple game modes.

  • Brawl: The standard mode of the game, plays like any other Smash clone.
  • TBA

Starting Characters

Character Description
233px-Mario - Mario Party 10
SSB Mario Series

Nintendo's biggest star, Mario has a habit of appearing in these games, doesn't he? Mario has the ability to use fire in his attacks, from simply throwing fireballs to performing a fire spin attack. He also can use his Cat Suit from Super Mario 3D World, allowing him to scratch opponents and walk on walls. However, if Mario takes too much damage, the Cat Suit will fall off.
SSB Mario Series

Rosalina is the adoptive mother of the Star-like Luma creatures, and watches over the Comet Observatory. She is a quite graceful fighter, using quick slaps and hits up close, and she can send Lumas to attack from a distance. She also she can use cosmic magic from her wand. 
Alpha Season 2

Alpha was once a normal player of the virtual reality MMO known as TOME, until he became wrapped up in the mystery of the Forbidden Power, which can harm players both in the game and in real life. Alpha can shoot lightning from his fingertips, and can also create a shield out of green energy, which can double as a discus. 

Inkling girl transparent by sean the artist-d8vcial


SSB Splatoon Series

These little turf warriors are the stars of Splatoon, a game about squid kids playing paintball. Riveting. The Inkling uses one of three weapons: A standard gun that shoots ink, a sniper gun for longer distances, and a paint roller-type weapon. They also can transform into squids and swim in ink for quick escapes, but they can't attack in this form so they must transform back at some point. 

Hidden Characters

Character Description
Extra Springtrap 2

Springtrap is the main villain and sole animatronic of Five Nights at Freddy's 3. He isn't much of a close-up fighter, and mostly uses the Phantom Animatronics and spare animatronic parts in his movesets. He also has some moves that involve jumpscaring the other characters. 

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