The Mega Mustache is an alleged power-up appearing in Goomsday Wii. It is required to wield the full powers of the Scepter of Superiority. Goomboss attempted to upgrade his mustache with the aid of Magikoopa magic. Meanwhile, Waluigi was greedily gathering the items required: 'Stachios.

At the final battle of the game, Waluigi combined his Mega Mustache and the Super Scepter to become Almighty Waluigi. He then battled Goomboss in his Grand Poo-bah Goomba form.


The Mega Mustache retains the shape of the bearer's original mustache. However, there are several differences:

  • The Mega Mustache is twice the size of its bearer
  • It glows white
  • The air around it sparkles

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