The Mega Mic is a peripheral for the Nintendo Wii created by Vined Inc. it has a speech recognition program so that you can sing into it, it hooks into the Wii remote where you put the nunchuck and classic controller.


Mario Singalong! Series

The Mega Mic is used only in the Mario Singalong! Series where it is needed to play the games so that you can singalong to the songs.

Singalong with Mario! Series

The Mega Mic is used in A series related to the Mario Singalong! Series but, these have their own songs which are music from popular Super Mario games. The Mega Mic has the same use for these series.

In Game

Singalong Legends!

The Mega Mic makes it's in game debut in Mario Singalong Legends! where Impa gives it to Mario and informs him that it is an ancient artifact passed down through the Sheikah to help unlock the Music Doors, also a Sheikah invention.

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