Mega Mario Mash is a Mario fighting game that started out as a joke, but then got turned into a real game.


The gameplay is a lot different then smash bros. Now it takes a more Street Fighter approch, with combo's and all. It also has items that randomly spawn.


Teir List:

SS: Shroom, Dr. Mario, Diddy.

S: Luigi, D.K, Paper Mario.

A: Mario, Wario.

B: Peach, Midbus, Fawful.

C: Goomba, Koopa, Ludwig.

D: Bowser Jr, 8-bit Mario, 8-bit Bowser.

F: Everyone eles.



There are 15 items in this game:

  • Mushroom: Makes you bigger.
  • 1-Up Mushroom: Heals you.
  • Poison Mushroom: Hurts you.
  • Fire Flower: Lets you shoot fireballs.
  • Ice Flower: Lets you shoot ice.
  • Star: Makes you invicable.
  • Bob-ombs: Makes an explosion.
  • Tanookie: Lets you glide for a bit.
  • Metal box: Makes you Metal.
  • Bullet Bill: Makes you shoot forward.
  • Bill Launcher: Shoots Bills.
  • Shell: Lets you throw a shell.
  • Invisa-cap: Makes you invisable.
  • Dash Mushroom: Gives you a speed boost.
  • Hammer: Lets you swing it rapidly.

Skin Swaps:

MARIO: Amarica Mario.

PEACH: Strikers Peach.


BOWSER: Dry Bowser.


CLASSIC MARIO: Classic Luigi.

C. TOAD: Toadetta.


  • The rest of the Koopalings were gonna be in the game, but were scrapped.

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