Mega Man Universe has an awesome story mode. In this game, Mega Man saves Dr. Wily's life and Wily is send back in time by Dark Man. He has to prove that he can be a good villain too,

Chapter 0: Mega Man saves Wily

In the year 20XX, Mega Man has defeated Dr. Wily and/or save the world fourteen times and everyone host a parade in his honor. Mega Man, Roll, Dr. Light, and Proto Man were the first to arrive. Mega Man sees the Tar Trucks with Dr. Wily and Bass on one of them. His big mistake misses Mega Man and he gets tared himself. Dr. Wily is now in pearl where the Guts Dozer Tank comes in too crush him. If playing as Mega Man, Roll tells him to save him even though he doesn't want too. If as anyone else, they see him in trouble and try to save him. After getting saved by his enemy or anyone else, Dr. Wily was held hostage by Dark Man 4 and his army with Dark Man 1, 2 and 3. They said that Dr. Wily is unworthy of his actions. Dr. Wily asks for mercy and to send him back in time to stop it from happening. When Dark Man 4 takes him back in time, Dr. Wily ended up 25 years into the past! While he has doing so, he was confused. Dark Man was his creation. Why would he turn on him? The anwser remains hidden, he now has to prove he can be a great bad guy.

Chapter 1: Mega Man Begins... Again

Dr. Wily knew that he had to take Dr. Light's robots again. Mega and Roll find out and head to the lab. But they were too late as Dr. Wily took away Dr. Light's robots. Mega asks Dr. Light if he could go out and stop Wily. Dr. Light agreed and gives him an amor suit and renamed him Mega Man. Dr. Wily soon sends out Proto Eye to take care of Mega Man. After he defeated Proto Eye again, Mega Man goes out of stop Wily and get his friends back. Mega Man goes out and defeats Cut Man, Guts Man, Ice Man, Bomb Man, Fire Man, Elec Man, Time Man, and Oil Man who were all taken by Dr. Wily.

After defeating all the robot masters, Mega Man heads to Dr. Wily's fortress. He takes on the Yellow Devil, Copy Robot, CWU-01P, and the clones of the 8 robot masters. But also, he faced against Enker in between of the fortress. Mega Man goes on to Dr. Wily with his Wily Machine #1. After his machine gets defeated twice, Dr. Wily had no choice but to beg for mercy. He was taken away by Dark Man 4 who tells him that he may not be ready to be a villain. Dr. Wily asks for another chance and was given fourteen of them. (just in case)

Chapter 2: Mystery of the Alien

Dr. Wily created 8 new robot masters to get rid of Mega Man. They are: The sharpest knife in the buntch, Metal Man; the wind master, Air Man; the underwater king, Bubble Man; the speed demon, Quick Man; the exploding robot, Crash Man; the controler of time, Flash Man; the heat of the sun, Heat Man; and the wood master, Wood Man. Mega Man hears about the robots and decides to stop them. And it woked! He overtoped Metal Man, Air Man, Bubble Man, Quick Man, Crash Man, Flash Man, Heat Man, and Wood Man!

Mega Man hurried back to Dr. Wily fortress to stop him. This time he had to go though six trails. He faced against Mecha Dragon, Picopico-kun, Guts Dozer, the possible Mega Man Killer #2: Quint (which Mega Man believes that Quint is him from the future), Boobeam Trap and the clones of the 8 robot masters. After defeating a lot, Mega Man takes another duel against Dr. Wily. This time in Wily Machine #2. After Dr. Wily's machine gets destroyed, the entire battlefield falls apart and the two fell.

Mega Man gets up in a cave and decides to stop Wily. Dr. Wily turns into an alien to defeat Mega Man. After Mega Man defeats Dr. Wily, it was reviled that the Alien was controled by Dr. Wily. He once again begs for mercy and gets taken away by Dark Man 4. He used one of his chances he had left. And if he doesn't prove him worthy before the last chance, he disapears forever!

Chapter 3: Proto Man Apears

Dr. Wily and Dr. Light decide to make robots together. They made Needle Man, Magnet Man, Gemini Man, Hard Man, Top Man, Snake Man, and Spark Man. Dr. Wily even had the time to find make Shadow Man by himself. When the two made Gamma, Dr. Wily steals it for his own purpose, proving himself worthy of being a villain. Mega Man decides to go after Dr. Wily and stop him. He gets interduced to the robot dog named Rush. He defeats the eight robot masters with ease.

Mega Man soon realize that there's another robot called Doc Robot that has the weapons of the robot masters from the previous chapter. Metal Man and Quick Man in Spark Man's stage. Wood Man and Heat Man in Shadow Man's stage. Flash Man and Bubble Man in Gemini Man's stage. And Air Man and Crash Man in Needle Man's stage. Mega Man faces against a strang robot named Break Man. After that Mega Man goes on to Dr. Wily fortress.

There, Mega Man stops Kamegoro Maker, Yellow Devil mkII, Holograph Mega Man, the third powerful foe: Punk, and the clones of the 8 robot masters. Mega Man and Dr. Wily battle again with the Wily Machine 3. After getting defeated by Mega Man, Dr. Wily escapes into Gamma. After a fierce battle, the celing falls on them. Then Break Man comes back and gets Mega Man while Dark Man gets Dr. Wily.

Back in Dr. Light's lab, he explains to Mega Man about Proto Man and the back story of him. Meanwhile, Dark Man tells Dr. Wily to follow his plan. Dr. Wily agreed to do so.

Chapter 4: Wily Wars

Dr. Wily knew he could prove his works soon. So he created the robots Buster Rod G, Mega Water S, and Hyper Storm H. He orders Buster Rod G to destory Mega Man. But Roll takes his place and gets destoryed. Dr. Light agrees to repair her while Mega Man battles Dr. Wily (following Dark Man 4's plans) and his robots. Mega Man defeats Buster Rod G (for revenge), Mega Water S, and Hyper Storm H. But this time, he gets their weapons.

Mega Man asks Dr. Light is he finshed repairing Roll. He tells Mega Man that he's almost done, but she'll gain a new outfit. Mega Man moves on to Wily's Fortress unaware that he would be doomed! He defeats Fire Snakey and Iron Ball, before he battles a purple robot. It was final Mega Man Killer, Ballade. After Mega Man defeats him and take on the clones of the Genesis Unit, Mega Man battles and defeats Dr. Wily again. Dark Man drags Dr. Wily away as Mega Man teleports out of the exploding tower.

Dr. Light and Mega Man 8 Roll greet him there. Roll was glad to see him. Dr. Light gets a note that someone else is causing havic. Meanwhile, Dark Man explains to Wily that he needs to get in to a truly evil plan.

Chapter 5: New Enemy

Mega Man and Dr. Light get an unexpected call from Dr. Cossack. He plans to take out Mega Man and use his robots to do so. Dr. Light upgrates Mega Man's Mega Buster to take charge shots for more damage. Mega Man meets Eddie, a small red box robot that give him items sometimes. Dr. Wily, who has kidnaped Dr. Cossack's daughter, Kalinka; plans to use Dr. Cossack's skills to destroy Mega Man.

Mega Man battles the robots, Bright Man, Toad Man, Drill Man, Pharaoh Man, Ring Man, Dust Man, Dive Man, and Skull Man. After Mega Man defeats the eight robot masters, he goes on to defeat Dr. Cossack. In the fortress in Russia, Mega Man defeats Mothraya, Square Machine, and Cockroatch Twins. Mega Man defeats Dr. Cossack and discovers the dark truth. Proto Man comes in with Kalinka, who has been released. She told Mega Man that her father isn't evil and that it was Dr. Wily's plan. That made Dr. Wily mad.

Dr. Wily escaped to his castle and Mega Man followed him. Mega Man defeats Metall Daddy, Tako Trash, and the clones of the robot masters. Mega Man easily defeats Dr. Wily. But it wasn't over, Dr. Wily reapears in the Wily Capsule. But that doesn't work. Dr. Wily was defeated once again and Mega Man went back to Light's lab. Dark Man knew that if he wanted someone destroyed, you have to destroy him yourself!

Chapter 6: Proto Man, Friend or Foe?

Havic once again invades the planet as Proto Man is responcable for all of it. He takes Dr. Light hostage and Mega Man was the first to find out. He goes to Dr. Cossack and tells him what happened to Dr. Light. Dr. Cossack was confused that Proto Man was Dr. Light's creation. How could that happen to him? Mega Man decides to stop his own brother.

Mega Man travel past the stages of Gravity Man, Wave Man, Stone Man, Gyro Man, Star Man, Charge Man, Napalm Man, and Crystal Man. Finding letters M, E, G, A, M, A, N, and V. After finding them all, Mega Man wonders what he gets. Kalinka tells him that Dr. Cossack has created a robot bird named Beat. Beat agrees to help Mega Man from that point on. After defeating the eight, Mega Man travels to Proto Man's castle. He battles Dark Men 1, 2, and 3.

Mega Man encounters Proto Man at the top. Mega Man is attack so hard, he is left with one health piece left. But as Proto Man closes in to kill Mega Man, the real Proto Man apears. He exposes the other as Dark Man 4. Mega Man gets his lifebar refilled and defeated Dark Man 4. Dr. Wily admit that Dark Man is defeated and flies to his fortress. Mega Man follows and defeats the robots Big Pets, Circring Q9, and the clones of the robot masters. Mega Man battles the Wily Press, only to win again.

Mega Man reaches the last area where he battles Dr. Wily yet again. This time against the Wily Machine 5. Mega Man defeats Dr. Wily's machine and Wily Capsule mkII. Dr. Wily gets chased to where Dr. Light is and the celing falls on them. Luckly, Mega Man holds it up, but isn't stong enough. Proto Man blasts a part of the celing and the three escape along with him. Dr. Wily is taken away by Dark Man as his castle falls apart. Dark Man tells him that hism doomsday weapon is ready to go. That got Wily impressed.

Chapter 7: Solar Wars

Mega Man and Roll take a walk in the fields when a robot with big green hair arrives. The robot's name is Terra. He is the leader of the stardroids. He eaisly takes out Mega Man. Later the robots Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Neptune start causing havic to the world. Mega Man wakes up in Light's lab where he gets an upgrate. The Mega Arm allows him to fire his arm at a charge shot. He's also introduced to Tango, the robot cat. After Mega Man defeated the four Stardroids, he encounters Terra again. He sends out the Yellow Devil look alike, the Dark Moon. Mega Man defeated it too.

Dr. Light tells Mega Man the others are in space headed to Earth and that he had to stop them. He and Rush took off to space to defeat Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto. On those planets, he finds four crystals. After finding them, Tango joins Mega Man. The last of the Stardroids are defeated later. But, Terra is still around and battles Mega Man. After defeating Terra, a space station is seen. It was the Wily Star, owned ny no other than Dr. Wily.

Mega Man follows him in Rush Space Jet. He takes out the head of the Wily Star and enters it. Inside he fights Enker, Quint, Punk, Ballade, and the clones of the Stardroids including Terra. Mega Man and Proto Man battle the L. Knuckle and the R. Knuckle together. Mega Man discovers Dr. Wily with the Brain Crusher. After taking it out, Dr. Wily gets so mad, he decides to finish Mega Man once and for all.

He released Sunstar, his doomsday weapon. He then orders Sunstar to finish off Mega Man. But, Sunstar attacks Dr. Wily instead. He still targets at Mega Man afterwards. After the big battle, Sunstar gets injered badly. Mega Man ofter him to be repaired by Dr. Light, but Sunstar ordered him out before he destroys the whole base. Mega Man retreats as the base explodes. Meanwhile, Dr. Wily feels bad about his backfire to Dark Man and thinks of an idea.

Chapter 8: The End of Dr. Wily?

The first robot master tournament was held and Mega Man was excited about it. But soon he finds that it was held by the evil Mr. X (Dr. Wily). He plans to take over the world and take revenge on Mega Man for defeating Dark Man. The 8 finalist robots were under control of the one Mr. X. Mega Man soon learns that he can be fused with Rush for power and flight. He went off to defeat the finalists.

Mega Man chills out Blizzard Man, turned Centaur Man into death stone, burned Flame Man, historyed Knight Man, cut Plant Man, shoot down Tomahawk Man, blew away Wind Man, and speared Yamato Man. He travels into Mr. X's fortress. And he takes on huge battles which are 'Rounder 2, Power Piston and Metonger Z. Mega Man takes on Mr. X who is in hus X Crusher. After the battle Mega Man finds out that Mr. X is really Dr. Wily.

In Wily's Castle, Mega Man battles Mechazaurus, Tank-CS2, and the clones of the robot masters. When Mega Man arrives to Dr. Wily, he battles the Blue Bomber with Wily Maschne 6. The battle has fierce, but Mega Man won it all in the end. He then arrested Dr. Wily! And that time, Dr. Wily didn't have Dark Man to pull him back. The world is safe at last, or what they think.

Chapter 9: Mega Man vs. Bass

Mega Man relaxs after defeating Dr. Wily. But, Dark Man still has some trick left. The robot masters Freeze Man, Junk Man, Burst Man, and Cloud Man were released to destroy. Dark Man IV frees Dr. Wily from prison and attacks Mega Man painfully. Mega Man soon meets a black robot. The two fought and the dark shape teleports away. Mega Man was confused on who he is. Mega Man decides to take out Dr. Wily.

Mega Man defeated the four robot masters and get the letters R, U, S, and H. He soon learns the Super Adaptor, a mix of Power and Flight Adaptors from the past chapter. Mega Man goes to the robot master musem, where Dr. Wily kidnaps the Guts Man Statue and sends down Mash to take care of Mega Man. Mega battles it and wins. Mega Man then fights four more robot masters, Spring Man, Slash Man, Shade Man, and Turbo Man. Mega Man encounters the black robot before Shade Man. He told him that Dr. Light can repair him after the damages Shade Man did. The black figure thanked him.

After the four robots are defeated. The black shape destroyed Light's lab. Dr. Wily then reviled that the black shape and the robic wolf, Treble were his creations. Mega Man decides to take out Dr. Wily. Once there, the black robot met him there. The name was Bass. After Mega Man defeats him, Bass tells him that he'll be back. Mega Man defeats the Guts Man G. After that Mega Man had a rematch with Bass. He also defeats Gamerizer, HannyaNED2, and the clones of the robots.

Mega Man fights Dr. Wily once again and wins. But Dr. Wily has already inslaved all robots. Mega Man had no chance. When thing look like they're all over, Bass attacks them. He was on Mega Man's side now! The two take out the inslaved robots and Dr. Wily. Mega Man swears to finally kill Wily, but the fortress starts to colapse. The two leave Wily to be dragged by Dark Man. In the sky, two streaks of light dash towards Earth.

Chapter 10: Here Comes Duo

In space, Duo and his enemy the Evil Energy Robot were fighting against each other.  However, the two crash land on Earth on an island. Mega Man travels there to find out what happened. But however, he wasn't alone. Bass ended up on that island with Mega Man. The two of them battle a mecha crab named, Yadokargo. The two then see Wily take off with an evil energy. Bass encounters Duo's destoryed body. They call Dr. Light to come in and repair him. The two decide to defeat Wily together.

The robot masters Tengu Man, Astro Man, Sword Man, Clown Man, Search Man, Frost Man, Gerande Man, and Aqua Man were ready for them. After all 8 are taken out, Mega Man and Bass battle Duo and find out who he truley is. The two encounter Wily's castle only to be stopped by a robot made by Wily. He knocks Bass aside and electricutes Mega Man. But when all seem lost, Duo saves Mega Man and defeats the robot. The two continue their quest to Wily.

During the fortress, Mega Man and Bass battle Atetemino and Bliking. During the interior, Mega Man noticed that Bass was gone! Soon enough, they encounter each other. It turned out that Bass followed Mega Man to get his hands on the evil energy. After he was defeated Mega Man moves on to defeat the Green Devil. Also, he battled the clone of the robots. Mega Man was attack by an energy that couldn't let him move. Dr. Wily arrived in his new machine and charges a cannon to finally get rid of Mega Man. But Bass and Buo come back and save him in time. Proto Man teleports Duo away as Mega Man and Bass take on Dr. Wily. After defeating Dr. Wily, Mega Man was infected by the evil energy and was destroyed. The castle soon falls apart.

After the destruction, Duo arrives and takes the evil energy out of Mega Man. Proto Man and Bass run over to Duo but he told them not to worry. Later, Mega Man was taken to Dr. Light's Lab where he wakes up. Later on, Proto Man tells Mega Man that Duo was the onw who saved him and that he returned to space. Bass apears beside Mega Man as they watch the sun set. Dr. Wily was greeted by a dark figure that attacks him painfully. Could another of Wily's creations betrey him?

Chapter 11: King Attacks

Mega Man and Bass arrive at the Robot Musem. The two soon enconter Proto Man facing a yellow robot. That robot was King. His goal was to steal some robot data to create his robot army. He cuts Proto Man in half with an axe to keep him from stopping him. To take care of the two, King summons the Green Devil. But it had no chance against Mega Man or Bass. The two saw that Tengu Man and Astro Man are back!

Mega Man and Bass fight Tengu Man, Astro Man, Dymano Man, Pirate Man, Ground Man, Burner Man, Magic Man, and Cold Man and beat them all. The two also opened the gate way to King's fortress. The two fight Atetemino again in there. Mega Man and Bass also faced a trio of King mechs. First is King Tank and second is King Plane. The third is King himself. In the fight, Mega Man and Bass' attack do no harm to King. When Proto Man arrives, he uses up all his energy to destroy the shield King has. Then King uses his axe to get the two.

King admits his defeat later and zaps Proto Man back to Light's lab. Dr. Wily get him under control and combines him with King Plane and King Tank. After his defeat, King suffers in an explosion as Mega Man and Bass leave. They take on the clones of the robot masters before they battled Dr. Wily. After the big battle against Dr. Wily, Mega Man goes back to Light's lab while Bass stays behind. Dr. Wily plans to wroking on King mkII, but Proto Man destroys the blueprints. Meanwhile, Mega Man learned that King survived the explosion and decides for them to be friends next time they meet.

Chapter 12: Quint Returns?

Soon, an invasion of robots apeared to take control. Mega Man and Bass look on top of a tall building and see a robot that looks very simaler to Quint. Mega Man knew that he must be taken out. That robot summons out Grey Devil to take them out. Mega Man and Bass manage to use their combine power to defeat it. Roll tells them to defeat the robot, Rockman Shadow.

The robot masters are prepared to fight them. Mega Man and Bass battled and defeted Dangan Man, Konro Man, Aircon Man, Komuso Man, Clock Men, and Compass Man. After the battles, Mega Man and Bass follow the path to Rockman Shadow. It was a long path with the clones of the robot masters near the end. The two encounter Rockman Shadow at the end. He reviled to them that he was uncomplete, but he manage to complete himself and take over the future. He traveled to the past to kill Mega Man.

Mega Man and Bass fight this shadow figure. Rockman Shadow was defeated in the end.Rockman Shadow, knowing that he can't beat Mega Man or Bass, decides to go back to the future, never to bother niether again. But it turned out that it was all Dr. Wily's idea. Mega Man and Bass corner him and he is dragged away by Dark Man. Only three chances left until Wily leaves for good!

Chapter 13: Back Track

Dr. Light then created seven male robot masters, Concrete Man, Tornado Man, Plug Man, Jewel Man, Hornet Man, Magma Man, and Galaxy Man. Roll even had the idea to make a female robot master after Dr. Light finshed Tornado Man and before he started Plug Man. She was called Splash Woman. Suddenly, Dr. Wily reprogramed them to work for him. Dr. Wily also created Fake Man, a police robot master. Mega Man arrived just in time to get them back.

Once the first robot is defeated, Dr. Light has been taken away by Fake Man. After Mega Man defeats four of the eight robots and finds a metal blade look alike. It turned out to have the expire date and Roll feels bad out the robots. After defeating 5/8 of the robot masters, Bass comes back to help. After defeating the last robot master, Mega Man and Bass get a memery circuit board from him/her. A tv screen turns on and Dr. Wily and the first seven defeated robot masters in this chapter are on it. It was exposed that Dr. Wily was controling them. Mega Man and Bass travel to Wily's fortress to stop him.

Mega Man and Bass travel though Dr. Wily's fortress to stop him. They defeat robots like Spike Pushers, Mega Mech Shark, Fake Man, Twin Devil, and clones of the robot masters. the two battle Dr. Wily who is in Wily Machine 9. Mega Man and Bass defeat Dr. Wily again. He tells them where Dr. Light was at. Proto Man warns Mega Man that Dr. Light is a fake one, but Mega Man didn't listen and gets shocked. Dr. Wily pulls a lever that self destructs the whole fortress. Proto Man teleports Mega Man away. Dr. Light was able to get back to his lab and Dr. Wily is left to two chances left to prove he's a good villain.

Chapter 14: Cure to the Sick

A new robot illness has been spreading called the Roboenza. Roll was one of the first robots to be infected. Dr. Wily tells Mega Man, Bass, and Dr. Light that there's a cure for Roboenza, but he can't find it. Mega Man and Bass decide to find it. But they were spotted by Proto Man who wanted to come along. The trio agreed on that, and went off to find the cure.

Dr. Wily created eight robot masters who too were infected by Roboenza, making them more violent. Blade Man, Pump Man, Commando Man, Chill Man, Sheep Man, Strike Man, Nitro Man, and Solar Man. After the first four are down, Dr. Wily finds a prototype cure for Roll. She can take it when she's ready. But she had an idea, but it would have to wait. After the last robot master is defeated, Mega Man gets infected by Roboenza himself! It soon turned out that the Roboenza virus was all Wily's plot. Meaning, Dr. Wily was (once again) behind everything! Roll comes in and gives Mega Man half of  the prototype cure. Mega Man takes it and is ready for action again.

Mega Man, Proto Man, and Bass move on to Wily's fortress. The Weapons Archive, which was their first foe, has the weapons of robot who also caught Roboenza (Elec Man, Wood Man, Gemini Man, Ring Man, Napalm Man, Flame Man, Slash Man, Frost Man, and Tornado Man). After that, Proto Man and Bass get infected by Roboenza themselves. Mega Man give his remaining half of the half of the prototype cure to Proto Man. Treble comes in and give a whole new prototype cure to Bass. They contine by defeating Crab Puncher, Block Devil, and the clones of the robot masters. The three battle Dr. Wily in Wily Machine 10. The win in the end.

The trio follow Dr. Wily to space where they battle him in a 3 on 1 battle. After Dr. Wily is defeated, he gets sick. He is taken to the hospital just in time. He escaped a few days later, but he leaves behind tons of the cure to restore all of the infected robots (excluding Mega Man, Proto Man, Bass, and Roll who were cured by the prototypes). With one last chance left, Dr. Wily guessed that he is finished. There's no way he can prove he's a great villain now. 

Chapter 15: The Last Showdown

Meanwhile in Dr. Light's Lab, Mega Man and Bass still tried to find the meaning of Wily's words. Roll tells him (after getting injered by Buster Rod G, knowing that robots have inspire dates and getting infected by Roboenza) that it could be her fault that he saved Wily in the parade. Mega Man then knew how to get out of the mess he and Wily are in.

At the parade, the three encounter Dark Man 4 about to destroy them. Dr. Wily ask him why, because he was the one who made the Dark Men. He replied that he and the others were posioned by the Evil Engery that fell from the sky. The two finally understood, it was their plan all along! Mega Man tries to fight back, but didn't stand a chance! Just as he was done for, Mega Man was saved by an unwarning attack. It was Cut Man, along with Guts Man, Ice Man, Bomb Man, Fire Man, Elec Man, Time Man, Oil Man, Concrete Man, Tornado Man, Splash Woman, Plug Man, Jewel Man, Hornet Man, Magma Man, and Galaxy Man. They gave Mega Man one M Tank that restore his health, weapon use, and giving him a new weapon, Ultra Mega Buster. Mega Man takes on Dark Man again and wins this time.

Ending: Fight Mega Man, For Everlasting Peace

Dark Man was cured from the Evil Engery afterwards. He told Dr. Wily that he is truly worthy of a true villain and lets him stay. After Dark Man leaves, Dr. Wily jumps into his new Machine to destroy Mega Man once and for all. Mega Man prepared to battle. He looks at Bass and the two agree to work together. Then the three began their fight. The credits is a remix meldey of Cut Man, Metal Man, Gemini Man, Buster Rod G, Toad Man, Charge Man, Mars, Wind Man, Turbo Man, Sword Man, Magic Man, Compass Man, Concrete Man, and Solar Man's themes. During the credits, Mega Man and Bass battles Dr. Wily and wins (They win the fight by Compass Man's part)

After the credits, in the Chronos Institute (Redesigned by Dr. Wily), Dr. Wily is seen with a time machine. Time Man (destoryed or badly damaged), Buster Rod G, Enker, Mega Water S, Ballade, Hyper Storm H, and Punk are also present. Dr. Wily plans to do soming evil but it's not announced. "Story Continues in Mega Man Issue #20" is seen below. Then a text message that says "Also read Mega Man Meets Kirby to read about Mega Man's past!"

To Be Finished...

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