Mega Man U
Mega Man U
Developer(s) Prime Gaming
Publisher(s) Prime Gaming
Platform(s) Wii U
Age Rating(s)
E 10+ for Everyone 10 and Up
Genre(s) Sidescroller
Series Mega Man series
Predecessor Mega Man X Street Fighter

Mega Man U is a Wii U Mega Man game by Prime Gaming. It is more in the style of the classic Mega Man games, with the player being able to choose what order they fight the bosses in and at the end having to fight the infamous Dr. Wily. The graphics are much more retro-style than most newer Mega Man games as well.


Wily has taken over the world, with an army of evil robots, and now the entire planet has been enslaved! Mega Man and Roll set out to stop Wily and save the Earth, but now Wily is more powerful than ever! Can our two heroes defeat Wily's army, or will it be game over?

Playable Characters

  • Mega Man
  • Roll


  • S.S. Wily - Hydro Man
  • Wily City Sewers - Alligator Man
  • Wily's Sky Base - Cloud Man
  • Mount Wily - Ice Man
  • Wily's Secret Volcano Base - Lava Man
  • Wily Tower - Tech Man
  • Dr. Wily's Castle - Dr. Wily


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