Mega Man Remix
Developer(s) Mega Studios
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Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS Logo
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan September 1, 2017
25px-Flag of USA September 13, 2017
25px-Flag of Europe September 26, 2017
25px-Flag of Australia October 5, 2017
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 3DPlatformer
Media Included 3DS Card

Mega Man Remix is a Mega Man game developed by Mega Studios and the most recent game in the Mega Man series. It is a retelling of much of the classic series with upgraded visuals and gameplay.





Battle Mode is unlocked once the player defeats his or her first Robot Master in Campaign Mode. It is a fighting game-based mode in which up to sixteen players are sent into a large map based on a Robot Master's stage, armed with only the weapon they normally have equipped and 28 health. The objective is to be the last player standing by defeating the others by hunting them down. Playable characters in this mode are Mega Man, Proto Man, Bass, Roll, the Robot Masters, the Stardroids, the Mega Man Killers, the Genesis Unit, and King.

Robot MastersEdit

NOTE: After a Robot Master is beaten with only the Mega Buster, they are unlocked as a playable character.

Image Name Number Description Weapon Weaknesses
Magnetman-remix Magnet Man 018 Built by Dr. Light and Dr. Wily, Magnet Man was created to control electromagnetic fields. He's a forgetful robot who can use his powers to draw metallic objects closer to him, including other robots. His weapon, the Magnet Missile, seeks out opponents and blows up once attached.

As a playable character, Magnet Man can use his magnetic powers to draw items and enemies closer to him, deactivating the latter's systems temporarily.

Magnet Missile Spark Shock, Thunder Beam, Thunder Bolt, Thunder Claw, Lightning Bolt, Plug Ball, Thunder Wool, Electric Shock
The waifu of kmm
Centaur Man 042 Centaur Man is a Greek robot who looks over museums in the Balkan peninsula. He participated in the First Annual Robot Tournament before Mr. X went berserk and took over. His ability can briefly bend space and create illusions as powerful distractions. He can also attack with his buster, arrows, and a naginata.

As a playable character, he can trample over small enemies such as Metools and through some walls. He has the ability to crouch under attacks as well. His own attacks are his splitting buster and arrows, along with the ability to carry a shield. His Centaur Flash charges over time, with a full single use being enabled every 4 energy bars filled.

Centaur Flash Super Arm, Leaf Shield, Hard Knuckle, Dust Crusher, Power Stone, Knight Crush, Junk Shield, Black Hole Bomb
Grenade Man 063 A smaller robot whose original purpose was to look over a weapons factory. During Wily's eighth attempt at a takeover, he was stationed at a military base in Albania and armed with a blinding explosive weapon called the Flash Bomb, combining the technology of previous weapons such as the Flash Stopper with a giant explosion. He gets much pleasure every time he unleashes the weapon.

He's one of the fastest playable characters in the game, and can use wall kicks to scale up to heights unthinkable to reach with other characters. His weapon is of course the Flash Bomb, but he can make use of the Crazy Destroyer bombs if the player presses the down key while shooting.

Flash Bomb Thunder Beam, Top Spin, Charge Kick, Thunder Bolt, Slash Claw, Thunder Claw, Jewel Satellite, Mirror Buster, Break Dash
Jewel Man 069 Jewel Man is a robot created by Dr. Light for mining diamonds. His expiration date was approaching before the events of the tenth chapter, and so he joined in on Dr. Wily's rebellion. His Jewel Satellite attracts huge gemstones to him that revolve around his body within an electromagnetic force-field that he creates.

When unlocked as playable, he makes use of his versatile gems as a barrier, makeshift platforms, and as weapons.

Jewel Satellite Hyper Bomb, Quick Boomerang, Top Spin, Charge Kick, Centaur Flash, Slash Claw, Black Hole Bomb, Black Hole
Pump Man 074 Pump Man is a robot created to purify water, and often helps to keep his neighborhood clean. Under the influence of the Roboenza Virus, he took control of an entire Dutch sewer system, causing a crisis for the country's drinking water. He can activate an anti-gravitational field around his body, which allows him to cause all sorts of havoc with the fluids around him; for example, with bubbles from his chest cannon, he can surround himself in a whole barrier of water as a defensive weapon, called the Water Shield. He can use it as a long-distance weapon as well, by dismantling the anti-gravitational field and loosely spreading its effects all over the room. It takes a while for him to power up the ability to use this move however, and thus, he can stall out enemies by throwing his handle and gushing water out of his arm cannon.

As a playable character, Pump Man's main attack is throwing out quick water bullets that can be charged to become much larger, slower, and stronger. If the down button is pressed while firing, Pump Man can create his powerful water shield as protection.

Water Shield Thunder Beam, Spark Shock, Thunder Bolt, Thunder Claw, Lightning Bolt, Thunder Wool, Electric Shock

Special WeaponsEdit

Icon Name Description Type Gotten From Ammo
Rolling Cutter Cutter Cut Man 28


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