Mega Man Origins
Studio(s) Universal
Distributor(s) Fantendo
Genre(s) Science Fiction
Country of Origin North America
Original Language American
Budget $110 Million
Box Office $320,245,209
Runtime 95 min
Series Mega Man Origins
Sequel(s) Mega Man Returns
Mega Man Origins is the first film in the Mega Man Origins series. Although not exclusively Nintendo, it is part of the Nintendo Cinematic Universe.


When a young boy named Touko finds a robotic suit and a robodog, he also discovers that the evil Dr. Wily has a plan to destroy the universe with a legion of evil robots. With no one else to stop him, Touko must assume the identity of Mega Man and destroy the Robot Masters before Dr. Wily can destroy the universe.


The movie was a boxoffice success as well as gaining a 89% Fresh Rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Many rating sites gave it a high rating. Due to the good reception, two sequels were made: Mega Man Returns, where Mega Man battles Omega and combats the Maverick virus, and Mega Man Legends, where Mega Man must stop Global-1 from robotizing all the life on Earth.

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