MEGA MAN MEGA MELEE is a 4 player fighting game that is pretty much a Mega Man version of the SSB series.It is for the Wii and uses the GC or Classic controller.

Basic Moves

Every character can use these moves:



Down+A-low kick


Yx2-Double Jump

Up-aim up

Hard Tilt Left/Right+A or C Stick Left/Right-Karate Chop

Hard Tilt Up+A or C Stick Up-High Kick

Hard Tilt Down+A or C Stick Down- Spin Kick

Hard Tilt Left/Right-Run

Also, characters can use their own Mega Move, sort of like final smashes. To do so, they must get an Ultra Energy Can


A list of every character

Starting:Mega Man,Bomb Man,Guts Man,Ice Man,Cut Man

Unlockable*:Heat Man,Air Man,Top Man,Snake Man,Dust Man,Toad Man,Charge Man,Star Man,KnightMan,Tomahawk Man,Bass,and Protoman.

  • all robot masters are unlocked by beating them in story mode except Bass and Protoman.Protoman is received by beating story mode and Bass by beating story mode with Protoman.
  • to see the characters and bosses, click here.

P.S. all sprites are from Spriters Resource

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