Not to be confused with the original Mega Man (1) or it's GameBoy version which is sometimes known as Mega Man I

Mega Man I is an alternate version of the original Mega Man. It is for the Nintendo NinTablet. A sequel has been confirmed, thereby defining this game as the first game in the Mega Man Metroidvania (series)


Gameplay and graphics are similar to retro Mega Man, only the game plays as a Metroidvania style open-area action game.

You begin at Dr. Light's lab, and Mega Man can teleport to eight sites throughout the city. Each has been expanded upon from the original Mega Man to include a small city area, for buying items and talking to locals, as well as a base area where the boss lives that has a Save and Life Recharger in it. You can also leave Dr. Light's lab to go to the News Station using the lightning rail. At the News Station, you can collect rewards and take on challenges like Arenas and Time Attacks. After beating all eight sites and their robot masters, a ladder opens up to the roof of Dr. Light's lab, allowing you to go to the Wily Ship which has doors to the various Wily Stages. After beating each area, you can enter the final door and defeat Dr. Wily.

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