This is the list of available weapons in Mega Man Armaggedon.


  • Cutter: Fast and gives decent damage at the opponents. It can be fired multiple times.
  • Earth: Slow, yet pretty powerful. It is easy to dodge from them, however.
  • Ice: Slow down opponents or in some cases, it can freeze them.
  • Electric: Attacks multiple times but it doesn't gives much damage. Most of the electric-type weapons are multi-directional.
  • Explosive: Takes sometime to explode but it hits multiple times and gives a huge amount of damage. Easy to avoid though.
  • Fire: Fast, but doesn't gives much damage. It can be charged for extra damage.
  • Barrier: A defensive weapon. It can protect the user from opponent's fire.
  • Support: Used to move around the stage quickier or find secrets.
  • Special: A very different kind of weapon. The advantages or disvantages of the stage depends of the weapon itself.
  • Time: A defensive weapon. Slows or stop time.


Weapon Type Description
Rolling Cutter Cutter N/A
Super Arm Earth N/A
Ice Slasher Ice N/A
Thunder Beam Electric N/A
Hyper Bomb Explosive N/A
Fire Storm Fire/Barrier N/A
Magnet Beam Support N/A

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