Mega Man 25th Anniversary: Wily's Return
Developer(s) Capcom
Publisher(s) Capcom
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan November 17, 2012

25px-Flag of USA December 23, 2012

25px-Flag of Europe October 31, 2012

25px-Flag of Europe November 9, 2012

Single-Player, Multiplayer, Endless Mode and Original Mode


Age Rating(s)
ERating 3Rating BBFC U OFLC E CERO A
Genre(s) 2.5D Platformer
Media Included Game Disc

Mega Man 25th Anniversary: Wily's Return is a 25-year anniversary game of the Mega Man series, it's heavily based on the classic Mega Man series, made by Capcom for the Wii U and Nintendo Silver (Europe Only). The game features 3D camera with 2D gameplay. There's a version to the Nintendo 3DS, which is based on the Game Boy's Mega Man series.


Dr. Wily is back!; he invented the "Robot Master Time Machine", a machine which make the old Robot Masters come backs. The Robot Masters started to attack the city, the Major of the City call Dr. Light for help and so, Mega Man appears to help.



Metal Man's Stage.

Mega Man 25th Anniversary: Wily's Return is a remake of the first 6 Mega Man games with 2.5D gameplay, new elements of gameplay are added, for a example, in the Metal Man's stage, there's new enemies and areas, the rest of the original levels aren't changed. There's a multiplayer mode where the second player control Proto Man. The player can also play the original levels without changes in the Original Mode. There's a Endless Mode, where the player re-plays the same levels but more harder than normal, trying to get many screens until die.


Character Name Description


Megamannew Mega Man "The blue bomber returns finally to a great 2D adventure after 10 years!" Playable/Hero
Protomannew Proto Man "Mega Man's mysterious brother, he wants revenge from Dr. Wily after lying to him for several years." Playable/Hero
DrLight Dr. Light "The creator of Mega Man and the Robot Masters, he can help Mega Man or Proto Man by giving hints." Unplayable/Helper
Rollnew Roll "Roll, the Mega Man's sister, she can be found on secret parts on the stages, she will give recovery items." Unplayable/Helper
Bassnew Bass "Bass is a robot created by Dr. Wily who will protect your creator from Mega Man and Protoman. Unplayable/Villan


Chapter 1 - The First Time We Never Forget

Cutman Gustman Iceman
Bombman DrWily Fireman
Elecman Oil Man Timeman


Chapters Intro

Mega Man Virus art|Chapter 2, based on the second game