I'm getting tired of these
Mega Man, to Wily

Story                                                                                                                                 Bazooka Man belongs to Mega Man Fanon Wiki

Wily tries once more to rule the world,and uses his lastest Robot Masters to help him.



Mega Man

Chargible Super Weapons
Blues rockman 10

Proto Man

Two Super Weapons


Fusion Special Weapon


Name Picture Stage Enemies Attacks Mega Man/Bass Weapon Mega Man Charged Weapon Proto Man Weapons Weakness
Jack-n-the box Man a colorful cave  Mets,Box Bombers Shielders,and Egg Bombers Box Slam,Box Bombs,Bottom Laser,and Enery Balls Box Bombs Mega Box Bombs Box Slam,Box Shield Explosive Man Weapon
Copy  Man a Sky Lab Mets,Sniper Joes,Spike Chuckers,and Spliters Will Copy Your Attacks,and Copy Split Copy Split 4 Copies Copy Split ,Copy Shield Bazooka Man Weapon
Paper Man Paper Land Paper Mets,Paper Egg Bombers,Paper Sniper Joes,and Paper Cutters Giant Scissors,Paper Beams, Try to cut you out,and Teloproting Punch Paper Beam Giant Scissor Scissorrang.Paper Shirld Jack-n-the-box Man Weapon
Explosive Man A Construstion Site Bomb Joes,Bombers,TNT Launchers,and Fighter Mechs TNT Chuck,Bomb Roll,Dynamte Rain,and Explosive Mine Ground Dynamite Bomb Detanator nd TNT Super Bomb,Explosive Shield Boxing Man
Bazooka Man
Bazooka Man
A Military Area Fighter Mechs,Army Mets,Bazooka Joes,and Tank Joes Bazooka Fire,Missile Rain,Grenades Toss,and Bazooka Sky Strike Bazooka Missile Missile Rain Grenade Toss,Tank Shield Commader Man
Boxing Man A Boxing Ring Boxing Joes,Mets,Fighter Mechs,and Bombers Uppercut Dash,Triple Punch,Fist Shot,and Shockwave Fist Shot Uppercut Dash Uppercut,Shield Bash Cyber Man
Commader Man
Abananed Air Base Bombers,Sniper Joes,Flying Mechs,and Hover Joes. Air Blast,Enery Balls(5x),Dual Lasers,and Comado Dash Comado Beam Comado Laser Air Blast,Shield Dash Copy Man
Cyber Man A Metal Factory Metal Bladers,Laser Joes,Flame Throwers,and Laser Mechs Cyber Flamethrower ,Cyber Missiles,Cyber Laser,and Cyber Blades Cyber Blades Cyber Missiles Cyber Beam,Cyber Shield Paper Man
Wily Machine 4.1 Wily Labobatory

(All are 2,0)

Egg Bombers,Spike Chuckers,Paper Joes,and Fighter Mechs

Bombs, Duplacite Machine,Lasers,and Wily Mines N/A N/A N/A Mega Buster
Wily Machine 14 Wily Laboabotary 2

(All are Wily Upgraded) Bazooka Joes, Bombers, Hover Joes,and Metal Bladers

Wily Missiles,Shockwave,Wily Laser,and  Flamethrower. N/A N/A N/A Mega Buster


NO I lost
Jack-n-the-box Man, when defeated

I was split in half
Copy Man, when defeated

I will make you feel 2 dimensional
Paper Man, before the fight

You will go BOOM!
Explosive Man, when performing Explosive Mine Ground

Ready Aim Fire
Bazooka Man, when performing Bazooka Shot

One-two-three,you will lose to me
Boxing Man, before the fight

You will lose but this should be fun
Commander Man, before the fight

I will destroy you,you VIRUS!
Cyber Man, before the fight

Bass Fusion Shot

Jack-n-the-box Man Copy Man Paper Man Explosive Man Bazooka Man Boxing Man Commador Man  Cyber Man
Jack-n-the-box Man N/A Box Split Box Beam Box Dynamite Box Missile Box Shot Comado Box Cyber Box
Copy Man Copy Bomb N/A Copy Beam Copy Dynamite Copy Missile Copy Shot Comado Copy Copy Blades
Paper Man Paper Bomb Paper Split N/A Paper Dynamite Paper Missile Paper Shot Paper Dash Paper Blades
Explosive Man Dynamite Box Dynamite Split Dynamite Beam N/A Dynamite Missle Dynamite Shot Comado Dynamite Dynamite Blades
Bazooka Man Bazooka Bomb Copy Bazooka Bazooka Beam Bazooka Dynamite N/A  Bazooka Shot Comado Bazooka Bazooka Blades
Boxing Man Fist Bomb Copy Fist Paper Fist Dynamite Fist Fist Misslie N/A Fist Dash Fist Blades
Commador Man Comado Bomb Comado Split Paper Comado Dynamite Comado Camado Missile Comado Fist N/A Comado Blades
Cyber Man Cyber Bomb Cyber Split Cyber Beam Cyber Dynamite Cyber Missile Cyber Fist Cyber Dash N/A


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