Mega Man

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Wily is furious,so he kidnapps a Dr. Trioblie's robots and reprogramms them to fight Mega Man.


Picture Special Ability

Mega Man

Chargble Super Weapon
Two Special Weapon
Bass Fusion Special Weapons


Name Picture Stage Enemies Attacks Mega Man/Bass Weapn Mega Man Charged Weapon Proto Man Weapons Weakness
Water Man
Mega man tt s flood man by justedesserts-d411law
Raining City Mets,Water Joes,Egg Bombers,and Water Squirters Water Ball,Water Plume,Geyser,and Airborne  Water Plume Water Ball Water Plume Water Bomb,Water Shield Snow Man weapon
Shield Man Jungle  Flybombers,Shielders,Sniper Joes,and Mets. Shield Bash,Shield Dash,Shield Throw,and Refelctor Shield Toss Shield Shield Shield Dash,Refelct Shield Tentacle Man
Barrel Man
Barrel Ma
Ship Sword Slashers,Flame Joes,Mets,and Bombers Barrel Roll,Barrel Bowling,Barrel Rain,and Barrel Hammer Barrel Bowl Barrel Rain Barrel Hammer,Barrel Shield Shield Man
Snow Man
Snow Manl
Frozen Tundra Axe Chopper,Snow Shooter,Fighter Mechs,and Ice Joes Snowball,Cane Whack,Blizzard,and Freeze Ray Freeze Beam Blizzard Snowball,Freeze Shield Scientist Man
Tentacle Man Underwater Mecha Pirhanas,Water Skippers, Misspuses,and Eel Missiles Tenatacle Whip,Whirlpool,Enery Balls,and Spikes Chunk Spike Shot Whirlpool Tentacle Whip,Whirlpool Shield Archanid Man
Arachnid Man Dark Swamp FlyBombers,Mecha Spiders,Axe Shielders,and Spark Shooters. Sticky Web.Web Bomb,Web Swing,and Jump Pound Web Bomb Web Boulder Sticky Web,Web Shield Water Man
Scientist Man Labotory Potion Thrower,Sniper Joes,Secrity Camera (Laser),and Mets. (Different Potions,Different Attacks) (Shoot) Yellow Potoin, Electric Balls,Blue Potoin Freeze Ray,Red Potoin Fireballs (Throw) Yellow Posion Spot, Blue Random Minion,Red Explosin Potoin Toss  Comined Potoin Potoin Shot,Potoin Shield Machine Man
Machine Man Factory Blade Joes,Upgraded Joes,Fighter Mechs,and Saw Bladers

(Differnt Attacks on Differnt Phases)

1st Phase Spring Punch,Electricity,Plasma Blast,and Hook Shot

2nd Phase Flamethrower,Saw Blades,Missiles,and Bombs

Phase Shift,1st Phase Plasma Shot,2nd Phase Flamethrower 1st Phase Plasma Hook 2nd Phase Flame Sawblade Sawblade, Missile Shield Barrel Man
Wily Machine 1.3 Wily Factory Water Squirters 2.0, Shielders 2.0,Bombers 2.0,and Snow Shooters 2.0 Laser,Refelctor, Hammer,and Missile Rain None None None Machine Man
Wily Machine 13 Wily Factory Basement

(all are Wily Upgraded not 2.0)

Mecha Spiders,Sniper Joes,Blade Joes,and Eel Missiles

Vacum Breath,Wily Bombs,Electric/Ice/Fire Beam,and Sawblades none none none Mega Buster

Bass Fusion Shots

Water Man Shield Man Barrel Man Snow Man Tentacle Man Arcrahnid Man Scientist Man Machine Man
Water Man N/A Water Toss Water Ball Bowl Water Beam Water Spike Ball Water Bomb Water Potion 1st Phase Water Shot, 2nd Phase Water laser
Shield Man Shield Ball N/A Shield Bowl Ice Shield Spike Shield  Bomb Shiled Shield Potion 1st Phase Shield Shot 2nd Phase Fire Shield
Barrel Man Barrel Ball Barrel Chuck N/A Freeze Barrel Spike Barrel Bomb Barrel Wood Potion 1st Phase Plasma Barrel,2nd Phase Flame Barrel
Snow Man Freeze Ball Ice Toss Ice Bowl N/A Ice Spike Freeze Bomb Ice Potoin 1st Phase Freeze Shot 2nd Phase Fire and Ice
Tentacle Man Spike Ball Spike Toss Spike Bowl Freeze Spike N/A Spike Bomb Spiky Potoin 1st Phase Plasma Spike 2nd Phase Fire Spike
Arcrahnid Man Web Ball Bomb Toss Web Bowl Web Beam Web Spike N/A Web Potoin 1st Phase Plasma Web 2nd Phase Web Strand
Scientist Man Potoin Ball Potion Shield  Potoin Bowl Potoin Beam Potoin Spikes Potoin Bomb N/A 1st Phase Plama Potion,2nd Phase Fire Potoin
Machine Man 1st Phase Plasma Ball,2nd Phase Fireball 1st Phase Plasma Shield 2nd Phase Fire Toss 1st Phase Plasma Bowl,2nd Phase Fire Bowl 1st Phase Plasma Beam 2nd Phase Fire Beam !st Phase Spiky Plasma,2nd Phase Spiky Fire 1st Phase Plasma Bomb,2nd Phase Fire Bomb 1st Phase Potion Shot, 2nd Phase Fire Shot  N/A


I was flushed down the drain
Water Man, When defeated

My shield wasn't strong enough
Shield Man, When defeated

Having a barrel of fun?
Barrel Man, Before performing Barrel Rain

I don't like to fight but I have no chose
Snow Man, Before the fight

Take THIS!
Tentacle Man, When performing Tentacle Whip

I got you
Arachnid Man, when you get trapped in his web

Can you quite down.I'm busy
Scientist Man, Before the fight

Proto Man,Detected,Threat Identified,You will be destroyed
Machine Man, Before the fight,and you are playing as Proto Man

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