Mega Man/Proto Man/Bass, Before the Fight


Picture Special Ability

Mega Man

Chargible Special Weapons
Blues rockman 10

Proto Man

Two Special Weapons


Can Fuse Special Weapons


Name Picture Stage Enemies Attacks Mega Man/ Bass Weapon Mega Man Charged Weapon Proto Mans Weapons Weakness
Wing Man
Wing man by justedesserts-d391fto
Airport,and on a Plane Wind Blowers,Metal Wings,Mets,and Wind Joes. Air Blow,Divebombs,Tornado Charge,and Tornado Blast Tornado Blast Air Gust Tornado Charge,Tornado Shield. Sting Man's Weapon
Club Man Damp Cave Fighter Mechs,Sniper Joes,Mets,and Hammer Bobs Club Swing,Club Throw,Shockwave,and Pounding Charge Club Throw Dual Bounicing Clubs Club Swing,Shield Pound Mace Man's Weapon
Sting Man Deep Forest Axe Throwers,Electric Bots,Spark Missiles,and Sniper Joe Sting Shot,Sharp Dash, Spike Trail, and Sting Drop Sting Shot Spike Trail Spike Drops, Shield Dash Pirate Man's Weapon
Mace Man

I Know This is Knight Man But Its Something Similar

Abandoned Castle Mace Shielders,Arrow Joes,Mace Mechs,and Flame Joe. Mace Pound,Mace Twirl,Mace Shot,and Mace Drag Mace Swing Giant Mace Shot Mace Twirl,Shield Ground Drag Shot Club Man's Weapon
Smoke Man Smoke Factory Flame Joe,Smoke Bombers,Potion Chucker,and Fighter Mechs Smoke Laser,Bombs,Smoke Wave,and Teloportaion Punch Smoke Bomb Smoke Laser Smoke Wave,Shield Counter Wing Man's Weapon
Pirate Man 2.0
Pirate Ship Pirate Joe,Sword Slashers,Cannon Shoter,and Hook Joes Iron Sword Slash,Hook Rang,Cannonball,and Pirate Teloport Slash. Iron Sword Sword a Rang (4X) Hook Rang,Shield Slash Sword Man's Weapon
Sword  Man 2.0
Normal skeleton sword
Castle Basement Sword Slashers,Sword Mechs,Blade Gunner,and Met Sword Wall Jump Dash,Sword Slash,Sword Beam,Sword Twirl Sword Beam Sword Rain Sword Dash,Shield Twirl Invisible Man's Weapo 
Invisible Man Night City Mets,Sniper Joes,Invisible Mechs,and Teleoport Joes. Visible Energy Balls,Visible Laser,Teloportaion Punch,and Teloportation Grab and Slam Invisible Beam  Invisiblity  Invisble Sword,Invisble Shield Toss Smoke Man's Weapon
Wily Bot 12 Wily Fortress Metal wings 2.0, Hammer Bobs, 2.0, Spark Missilers 2.0,and Mace Shielders 2.0 Laser Beams,Wily Bombs, Missiles,and Lasers. N/A N/A N/A Mega Buster
Wily Bot 12  (2nd Phase) Wily Fortress Roof

(all robots are not 2.0 but Wily Upgrade) Smoke Bombers, Hook Joes,Sword Slashers,and Teloport Joes

Wily Bombs, Wily Laser,Wily Sword,and Portal Lasers. N/A N/A N/A Mega Buster

Bass Fusion Weapons

Wing Man Club Man Sting Man Mace Man Smoke Man Pirate Man Sword Man Invisible Man
Wing Man N/A Tornado Thow Tornado Shot Tornado Swing Tornado Bomb Tornado Sword Tornado Beam Tornado Drill Blast
Club Man Club Blast N/A Club Shot Club Swing Club Bomb Club Sword Club Beam Club Laser
Sting Man Sting Blast Sting Throw N/A Sting Swing Sting Bomb Spike Sword Sting Beam Spike Laser
Mace Man Mace Blast Mace Throw Mace Drill N/A Mace Bomb Mace Slash Mace Beam Chain Whip
Smoke Man Smoke Blast Smoke Throw Smoke Shot Smoke Swing N/A Smoke Sword Smoke Wave Smoke Laser
Pirate Man Cannonball Iron Sword Throw Iron Sword Shot Iron Swing Cannonbomb N/A Sword Wave Cannon
Sword Man Beam Blast Sword Rang Beam Shot Sword Swing Sword Bomb Beam Sword N/A Beam Laser
Invisible Man Invisible Drill Potion Toss Invisble Shot Invislbe Swing Invisible Bomb Invisible Sword Invisble Laser N/A


I Will Blow You Away
Wing Man, before the fight

Uh, I'm Supposed to Fight You
Club Man, before the fight

How Could I Los.....
Sting Man, When Defeated and Blown up

You are worthy of my Power,so let us begin
Mace Man, Before the Fight

I think I'm going to blow
Smoke Man, after you defeat him

Pirate Man 2.0, When Hit

You will Lose
Sword Man 2.0, before he performs the Sword Wall Jump Dash

You Can't See Me
Invisible Man, Before Teloporting

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