Mega Man, this Machine will be your Doom

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After Mega Man 10,Wily came back and is trying to take over the world again with is new Robot Masters.


Charcter Special ability
Chargible Super Weapons
Two Special Weapons


Name Picture Stage Enemies Attacks Mega Man's Weapon Proto Man's Weapons Weakness
Umbrella Man
Rain Storm City Mets,Parchute Joe,Shielders,and Wind Blowers Umbrella Shot,Umbrella Shield,Umbrellarang,and Umbrella Rain Umbrella Missile,(Charged) Umbrella Storm Umbrellarang,Umbrella Shield Scythe Man's weapon
Pogo Stick Man
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Mets,Pogoers,Hammer Bobs,Sniper Joe Pogo Stick Pound,Pogo Drill,Pogo Shot,and Pogo Stick Charge

Pogo Shot,(Charged) Pogo Stick

Pogo Drill,Pogo Shield Queen Woman Weapon
Queen Woman Royal Castle Crushers.Knight Slashers,Gaunlet Joe,and Mace Sheilders Queen Laser,Staff Throw,Shockwave,and Queen Strike

Staff Throw,(Charged) Queen Laser

Staff Sword,Staff Twirl

Oil Drum Man Weapon

Oil Drum Man Oil Factory Crushers,Mets,Barrel Chukers,and Flame Joe Oil Shot, Drum Pound,Drum Kick,and Oil Geyser Oil Shot,(Charged) Fire Oil Trail Oil Geyser,Drum Shield Construction Man weapon
Constructoin Man
Concrete Man psd jpgcopy

I know this is Concrete Man but something Simliar

Constuctoin Site Mets,Hard Heads,Sheild Joe,and Girder Punch Girder Whack,Constuct Shield,Hook Fire,and Sheild  Dozer Constrcut Sheild,(Charged), Girder Missiles Hook Fire,Sheild Charge Pogo Stick Man Weapon
Cannonball Man Pirate Ship Sword Slashers,Cannon Mechs.Cannon Joe,and Parachuting Joe Cannonball Roll,Cannoball Charge,Cannonball Rain,and Cannon Shield Cannoball Roll,(Charged0 Cannonball Rain Cannonball Charge,Cannon Sheild Boomerang Man Weapon
Boomerang Man

Dark Forest

Sniper Joe,Rang Joe,Bombers,and Mech Riders Boomerang Throw, Boomerang Shield, (If Not in Sheild Mode) Rang Dash,(If in Shield Mode) Shield Explosion,and Rang Strike Boomerang Toss,(Charged) Boomerang Shield Rang Strike,Rang Dash Umbrella Man Weapon
Sycthe Man

I know this is Killer Cross but something Similar

Corn Field Night Sycthe Joe,Dark Snipe,Night Joe,and Mech Riders Scythe Rang,Scythe Strike,Scythe Slash Wave,and Night Telopartoin Strike Scythe Rang (Charged) Teloportation Slash Scythe Slash Wave,Scythe Sheild Cannonball Man Weapon
Wily Machine 11
Wily Fort Wind Blowers 2.0, Hammer Bob 2.0,Knight Slasher 2.0,and Flame Joe 2.0 Wily Beam,Wily Laser, Charged Shot,and Sheild Thrower None None Mega Buster
Wily Machine 0
Wily Machine 7
Wily Fort 2

All are not 2.0 but Wily upgraded

Shield Joe,Sword Slashers,Bombers,and Dark Snipe

Wily Laser+,Jump Shot,Wily Rang,and Sky Laser

None None Scythe Man Weapon (Only one that can hur him)


Is it Raining
Umbrella Man, Before the Fight

I will Destroy You and Wily will Be Proud of Me
Pogo Stick Man, Before The Fight

I Can't lose. I am the Queen
Queen Woman, after you defeat her

I Think I lost
Oil Drum Man, after the battle

I will Destroy you even if I am supposed to Build
Construction Man, Before the Battle

You can't defeat me I am invincible
Cannonball Man, During The Battle

Boomerang Man, During The Battle

You seem worth of my Power,but I will still win
Scythe Man, Before the Battle

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