Mega Man
250px-Mega Man SSB4
SSB Mega Man Series
Availability Default
Series Mega Man
First Appearance Mega Man (1987)
Home Stage Wily Castle
Final Smash Mega Legends


Mega Man, known as Rockman in Japan, also known as Mega or Rock in his original form, is the title character of what has been referred to as the "Classic" Mega Man series developed by Capcom since 1987. The pixel art for Mega Man was created by the designer of the original game in the series, Akira Kitamura (credited under the pseudonym "A.K"), and later turned into a refined illustration by Keiji Inafune. Since then, he has become one of the company's primary original characters and continues to be one of the video game industry's most recognizable icons. Having appeared on many gaming systems since the Nintendo Entertainment System, Mega Man has had a wide gaming audience, and his games continue to evolve with the ever-changing hardware demands of modern gaming systems. Mega Man's fictional universe can be divided into seven categories, each featuring different variations and incarnations of the same blue hero. Although "Mega Man," or "Rockman," is usually the name used to describe only the original Mega Man from the classic series, it can also be used less specifically to describe the Mega Man series of fictional works, or the group of adherently named main characters within.
Source: Mega Man Wiki


- : Metal Blade - A spinning saw blade projectile that can be thrown in one of eight different directions. The blade can be picked up and thrown by players like a regular item. Mega Man cannot throw another Metal Blade until his previous one disappears. The move is based on Metal Man's weapon from Mega Man 2. (3% (usage), 5% (as item))

> : Crash Bomber-  Fires a grappling bomb attached to a drill that latches on to any surface or fighter it touches, before exploding a few seconds later. Much like a Gooey Bomb, it can be transferred between players before it detonates. The drill can travel a good distance until it disappears. The move is based on Crash Man's weapon in Mega Man 2. (1% (loop), 4% (last))

^ : Rush Coil -  Mega Man briefly summons his robotic dog companion Rush, who acts similar to Sonic's Spring Jump. A second bounce will make Mega Man jump even higher than the first bounce. Other players will also be able to bounce on Rush, even if he is in the air. The move is based on the Rush Coil from Mega Man 3. (0%)

v : Leaf Shield -  Mega Man summons leaf-shaped units that electromagnetically orbit around him. The leaves block projectiles, and can be fired forwards by pressing an attack button to land multiple hits, or used with the Super Arm to deal additional damage. The move is based on Wood Man's weapon from Mega Man 2. (2% (circling), 3.8% (thrown))

F : Mega Legends -  Mega Man fires a Black Hole Bomb, Galaxy Man's weapon from Mega Man 9, in front of him. After it explodes, it can suck opponents in. If anyone gets sucked in, then Mega Man X, MegaMan.EXE, Mega Man Volnutt, and Geo Stelar will join Mega Man to fire their Mega Busters in unison in a cinematic Final Smash. (3% (init), 39% (attack))

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