Developer(s) Cyclone Games
Publisher(s) Capcom
Platform(s) 3DS
Release Date(s)
Story, Construction, Challenge, Master
Age Rating(s)
PEGI: 7+

ERSB: 10+

Genre(s) 2D Platformer

2D Shooter

Series Mega Man
Predecessor Mega Man: Fully Armed
Successor Unknown
Media Included 3DS Cart
Mega Man: Two Squadrons is the second Mega Man game developed by Cyclone Games. It involves not the regular 8, but 16 robot masters!


Like Mega Man 10, you can play as more than one character in this game.

Mega Man

Mega Man has a slide, rush abilities, but he doesn't have a charge shot.

Proto Man

Proto Man has a charge shot, blocks projectiles automatically, unless shooting, but can't slide.


Bass can shoot in eight directions, use Treble Boost and can dash like X, but he can't slide or charge his buster.

Robot Masters

There are two squadrons in this game. The Delta and the Alpha Squadrons.

Delta Squadron

These are the first 8 robot masters you face.

Magnet Man

Magnet Man's stage is full of magnets which push and pull Mega Man away or towards him respectively. Magnet Man's weakness is to the Drill Launch.


The Magnet Pulse allows you to attract and retract enemies towards or away from Mega Man, allowing for easy kills. 

Comet Man

Comet Man has a stage that is set on an asteroid cluster. It makes it a very unique stage. Comet Man's weakness is to the Wolf Swipe.


The Comet Crash allows you to summon a comet from the sky and it crashes down into the stage. Any enemies in the way until it hits the ground is decimated.

Revolution Man

Revolution Man's stage is full of spinners and other spinning contraptions. Revolution Man's weakness is the Power Missile.


The Revolution Twister is like the Top Spin except it keeps you spinning until you press the attack button again.

Drill Man

Drill Man's stage is underground and it is full of stactlites, drills and workers. It kind of compares to Guts Man stage. Drill Man's weakness is the Spear Toss.


The Drill Launch launches a drill and it works like Hard Knuckle, except it goes through 3 enemies before stopping. It can even drill through a wall for a short while!

Wolf Man

Wolf Man's stage is set at night time. There are lots of night time related enemies here. Wolf Man is weak to the Zephyr Gale.


The Wolf Swipe works like the Slash Claw, except you can preform a combo with the Wolf Swipe.

Missile Man

Missile Man's stage is set in an area where the are a cluster of dangerous weapons, like bombs and missiles. Missile is weak to the Magnet Pulse.


The Power Missile launches a missile while four smaller missiles that home surround it.

Spear Man

Spear Man's stage is set in a forest, where an ancient tribe live. There is water, and rainforest animal enemies. Spear Man is weak to the Comet Crash.


The Spear Toss allows you to throw a spear. It annihilates all common enemies in one hit!

Zephyr Man

Zephyr Man's stage is set in the sky, with a lot of platforming and wind blowing. Zephyr Man is weak to the Revolution Twister.


The Zephyr Gale is a unblockable screen nook which is great. But you only have 10 hits with it.

Alpha Squadron

The Alpha Squadron Robot Masters only appear after defeating the first 8 robot masters. None of the previous weapons are strong against these robot masters.

Nova Man

Nova Man's stage is set in a space station, near a star. The heat here sometimes causes fires in the space station. Nova Man is weak to the Ninja Dagger.


The Nova Burst is a attack that launches four fiery projectiles from Mega Man.

Mage Man

Mage Man's stage is set in a similair fashion to Knight Man's stage in Mega Man 6, since it is a castle. Mage Man is weak to the Lava Burst.


The Mage Bolt launches a thunder projectile which, if it hits, transforms the enemy into weapon energy.

Seismic Man

Seismic Man's stage, is set in a canyon, with a lot of falling sections. Seismic Man is weak to the Volt Shield.


The Seismic Shockwave allows Mega Man to jump in the air and cause a mini shockwave when he lands, travelling a short range. This is a poweful attack.

Ninja Man

Ninja Man's stage is in a Japanese Plains area. You can see the setting sun in the background. Ninja Man is weak to the Giga Tsunami.


The Ninja Dagger allows you to use a ninja dagger in a two hit combo.

Lava Man

Lava Man's stage is set in a Volcano inner area. There is lots of Magma, Lava and fiery bursts that can kill the Blue Bomber. Lava Man is weak to the Heli Blade.


The Lava Spurt allows you to continuously spurt out lava until you release the attack button.

Volt Man

Volt Man has a lot of electric hazards, along with conveyer belts. Volt Man is weak to the Nova Burst.


The Volt Shield can reflect projectiles three times before breaking. It can also be used as a weapon by running into an enemy.

Tsunami Man

Tsunami Man has the water level of the game. It has waves, occasional water level rises and has a section where you have to use Rush Board. Tsunami Man is weak to the Mage Bolt.


The Giga Tsunami releases a Tsunami about the height of Mega Man from his arm cannon. It can take a regular enemy down in two hits!

Heli Man

Heli Man's stage is set on the rooftops of a city. There are multiple enemies trying to knock you off the rooftops. He is weak to the Seismic Shockwave. 


The Heli Blade allows you to temporarily fly, while any enemy above you is cut by the rotating blades.

Rush Abilities

Rush Jet

Robot Master you get it from

Comet Man

What it does

Rush Jet allows you to cross chasms and platforming challenges with ease.

Rush Board

Robot Master you get it from

Drill Man

What it does

Rush Board allows you to move faster on flat surfaces.

Rush Super Adaptor

Robot Master you get it from

Heli Man

What it does

The same as the Super Adaptor from Mega Man 7. (Replaced by Treble Boost if playing as Bass.)

Downloadble Content

This game offers DLC. There are currently two sets avaliable.

Set 1: (Mega Man 1 Robot Masters)

  • Cut Man
  • Elec Man
  • Fire Man
  • Bomb Man
  • Ice Man
  • Guts Man

Set 2: (Cyclone Stars)

  • Ski Drazehill
  • Colt Silro
  • Adrian Bridge
  • Amusari
  • Dark Shogun


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