Mega Man: Generation Battle
Developer(s) The Jellyfish Oasis
Publisher(s) Capcom
Platform(s) Wii U

Xbox One



Release Date(s)
Genre(s) 3D Fighting Game
Media Included Console Optical Disks


Mega Man: Generation Battle is a 3D fighting game developed by The Jellyfish Oasis and published by Capcom. Unlike any other Mega Man game, it features characters from all various Mega Man timelines/universes such as Mega Man X, Legends, Battle Network, etc. The game takes similar elements reminiscent to the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai series with a few different twists implemented into it.

The Basics


Playable Characters

Classic Main Characters

Image Fighting Style
Mega Man (Rockman)
He is the "Blue Bomber" that has stated it all!
  • Rock always comes equipped with his Mega Buster. He can charge, hold, and release with it, like in the games.
  • Rush, Beat, and Eddie can come and support Mega Man many different ways during battle.
  • Mega Man also has a variety of Robot Master abilities.
The kind-hearted yet feisty sister of Mega Man!
  • Roll comes prepared with the Roll Buster: a buster that functions the same as Mega Man's, minus the fact that it's weaker yet faster than his.
  • She can also use her cleaning supplies like her broom (which can become a different object depending on her costume) and buckets.
Dr. Albert W. Wily (in Wily Capsule)
The conniving scientist that has battled Mega Man throughout the years!
  • Majority of his attacks involve the Wily Capsule.
  • The capsule can shoot element lasers, surround itself with energy spheres, and hurl out bombs.
  • Wily can call Sniper Joes to attack and/or defend him for a limited time.
Proto Man (Blues)
Mega Man's cool and collected older brother!
  • Blues uses a buster that functions similarly to Mega Man's, although his shots are far more powerful yet slower.
  • Proto Man can also use his Proto Shield to defend and attack enemies.
  • He also has a few Robot Master Abilities in his arsenal.
Bass (Forte)
The rival of Mega Man who wishes to seek power!
  • Unlike Rock's Buster, Bass can rapidly fire his in 7 different types of directions. His buster isn't chargeable nor powerful however.
  • His robot dog companion, treble, can assist Bass when needed to.
  • Just like Mega Man and Proto Man, he can utilize Robot Master abilities in the games he stars in.
Justice prevails whenever this police robot is around!
  • Duo's Energy Fist is suited for close combat rather than keepaway.
  • Thanks to extraterresital science, Duo can blast energy in the shape of his own hand and turn himself into a comet.

Original Eight

Character Fighting Style
Cut Man
Beware his "cutting" edge!
  • Cut Man uses his signature weapon, Rolling Cutter, to perform many different attacks unseen in any Mega Man game.
  • Cut Man can also summon Bunby Helies and Super Cutter Blasters to boost his set of moves.
Guts Man
Do you have the "guts" to face this robot master?
Ice Man
Time to show you how "cool" he really is!
Bomb Man
His debut sure is an "explosive" one!
Elec Man
His "fiery" justice isn't going to burn out now!
Elec Man
He's here to make a "shocking" appearance!
Time Man Attack
Time Man
He'll make sure to "stop" this senseless fighting!
Oil Man
It just takes trash-talk to "fuel" him up!


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