Mega Man: Fully Armed
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Developer(s) Cyclone Games
Publisher(s) Capcom
Platform(s) 3DS
Release Date(s)
Story, Party, Online Fight
Age Rating(s)
PEGI - 3


Genre(s) 2D Platformer
Series Mega Man
Predecessor None
Successor Mega Man: Two Squadrons
Media Included 3DS card
 Mega Man: Fully Armed is a Mega Man game being released on the 3DS, with Cyclone Games developing the game. There are 9 new robot masters in this game. Like the Mega Man original series, there is little to no story in this game.

Robot Masters

Laser Man

Stage: Laser Man's stage is full of electric hazards, but it is announced that it is the first stage, even though you can still play the stages in any order.

Ability Gained: Laser Ball

Glacier Man

Stage: Freeze Man's stage is the ice level of Mega Man: Fully Armed. It has ice physics and icicle cannons.

Ability Gained: Glacier Spikes

Illusion Man

Stage: Illusion Man's stage has lots of fake platforms and has some ghost enemies as well.

Ability Gained: Illusion Copy

Lava Man

Stage: Lava Man's stage is the fire level of this game, with Lava pits, fire shooters and other fiery hazards.

Ability Gained: Lava Burst

Hydro Man

Stage: The water level of Mega Man: Fully Armed.

Ability Gained: Hydro Wave

Scythe Man

Stage: Scythe Man's stage has spiky platforms.

Ability Gained: Scythe Boomerang

Dawn/Dusk Woman

Stage: Dawn Woman has a lot of bright lights trying which occasionaly glow black. When they turn black, all the enemies turn even more vicious. When you reach Dawn Woman, if the lights are black, she'll turn into Dusk Woman. The robot master you defeat gains you different powers.

Ability Gained: (If you faced Dawn Woman) Dawn Discharge, (If you faced Dusk Woman) Dusk Twister

Tempest Man

Stage: Full of hard platforming, moving platforms and wind gusts, which pull you left or right.

Ability Gained: Tempest Hurricane

Hyper Man

Stage: You have to beat all the other stages in order to get to Hyper Man's stage. His stage is the hardest stage, and after facing Hyper Man, you have to face Yellow Devil and Dr. Wily.

Ability Gained: Hyper Blaster

Online Fight

Cyclone Games usually includes modes where you can use a Mii, for something extra, and this game is no exception. In the Online Fight mode, you can design an outfit for him to turn him into a robot. E.g. If the Mii's name is Red, he will become Red Man. Then you can buy weapons for him with special coins found in certain areas. You can even find secret weapons, one per stage.

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