Mega Man: Flashback
Developer(s) Capcom
Publisher(s) Darth Phazon
Platform(s) RiiVolution Ultima
Story Mode, 4-player Multiplayer Story Mode, Training Mode, Bonus Mission
Age Rating(s)
Series Mega Man

Mega Man: Flashback is a spin-off installment of the Mega Man franchise; it moreover resembles the classic Mega Man games in terms of




Name Abilities Weapons
Mega Man Chargeable Buster, Sliding, Cheaper Items.
  • Mega Buster
  • Rush Coil
  • Eddie
  • Super Adapter
Proto Man Sliding, Shielding.
  • Proto Buster
  • Proto Coil
  • Proto Jet
  • Beat
Bass Double Jump, 7-direction Aiming.
  • Bass Buster
  • Treble Boost
Roller Girl Double Speed and Jump, Cheaper Items.
  • Tango Armorboost
  • Roller Ball

Robot Masters

Image Name Weapon Compiled Information Weakness Alignment
Guts Man Guts Man Super Arm One of the 11 original robots that Dr. Light was responsible for making, Guts Man recently discovered that Wily used his parts to upgrade his other Robot Masters against the former's wishes. As a result, the enraged bruiser teamed up with his family, vowing to help the others defeat Dr. Wily. None Good
Wood Man Wood Man Leaf Shield None Good
Shadow Man Shadow Man Shadow Blade None Good
Toad Man Toad Man Rain Flush None Good
Stone Man Stone Man Power Stone None Good
Clown Man Clown Man Thunder Claw None Good
Splash Woman Splash Woman Laser Trident Overall, Splash Woman was created by Dr. Light to recover sailors lost at sea, but after being defeated by Mega Man, she was only recently resurrected by Dr. Wily. Disgusted at his tricking her into helping him, she quickly left his side to join Dr. Light. This wasn't the only deciding factor though: she also has quite strong feelings for Mega Man, to boot. None Good
Solar Man Solar Man Solar Blaze None Good
Elec Man 7 Elec Man Thunder Beam
  • Metal Blade
  • Rain Flush
Metal Man Metal Man Metal Blade
  • Ring Boomerang
  • Shadow Blade
Gemini Man Gemini Man Gemini Laser
  • Tornado Blow
  • Thunder Claw
Ring Man Ring Man Ring Boomerang
  • Frost Wave
  • Solar Blaze
Napalm Man Napalm Man Napalm Bomb
  • Rebound Striker
  • Laser Trident
Frost Man Frost Man Frost Wave
  • Napalm Bomb
  • Power Stone
Tornado Man Tornado Man Tornado Blow
  • Thunder Beam
  • Leaf Shield
Strike Man Strike Man Rebound Striker
  • Gemini Laser
  • Super Arm


Name Boss Description
Elec Man's Stage Elec Man
Metal Man's Stage Metal Man
Gemini Man's Stage Gemini Man
Ring Man's Stage Ring Man



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